Iggy Azalea Latest Plastic Surgery On Display At The BMA!

Iggy Azalea Latest Plastic Surgery On Display At The BMA!

Pop star Iggy Azalea, 24 has been showing off her recent plastic surgery! Although the singer has admitted to having plastic surgery in the past. New rumors were all around the globe about Azalea’s “plastic surgery face” at the recent Billboards Music Awards show this past week. There is no denying Iggy Azalea has talent, she was a major contender during the awards show. She took home an impressive three trophies. She won ‘Top Streaming Artist’, ‘Top Rap Song’ for Fancy and ‘Top Rap Artist. However it was her last win that caused the tongues to start wagging.

Going up against some stiff competition Azalea beat out Nicki Minaj, Drake and J. Cool among others.  Some people were left wondering how it all happened. Rapper and actor Ice T decided to take to his Twitter account and voice the following, “Iggy Azalea won Top Wrap Artist… I’m done.” His tweet was not left unnoticed by his legion of fans. His tweet was favored 100,00o times. Many rappers voiced their disapproving stance against Azale winning the award. Many questioning her right to win an award in any type of rap category.

Fans have been debating for quite a while Iggy’s right to perform or win awards as a rapper is fair. Azalea started to look noticeably different by her fans and others, many started the plastic surgery speculation talk. Even talk show host Wendy Williams got in the act. She talked about Azalea’s breast implants. She said she doesn’t know many who admit to it. She talked about Azalea’s admission to Vogue Magazine that she actually got breast implants. Azalea said her waist is like a size nothing, and her behind is rather large, and proportions were just really weird. She got tired of wearing under-wire, she wanted to wear other types of clothing without under-wire in it. Her plastic surgery is understandable said Williams.

Williams who also speaks very openly about her breast implants defended the pop star. Williams said she sympathizes  with Azalea, she said it’s sometimes nice to be able to go bra-less. Williams wasn’t finished commenting on Azalea’s implants. She said “My problem with Iggy talking about the breast implants, is so when are you going to start admitting to your butt implants.” That comment received a roaring round of applause from her mostly female audience. Oh but Williams wasn’t through with her tirade against Azalea yet. She showed some pictures of Azalea from different periods of time. She went on ” Honey Ray Charles can see that your cakes are fakes. Are you serious? I wonder why she would admit to one and not the other. Here is my theory, I was thinking about this while I was getting dressed. I said well you know, she’s a rapper and rap is more of a black people’s sport than a white people’s sport. I’m thinking in order for her to be ingratiated among the rap community, having a big giant booty is very impressive. So black people can say oh look she’s one of us.” There hasn’t been any official word from Azalea about any more recent plastic surgery.

Kardashian Klan Admits To Various Cosmetic Procedures!

Kardashian Klan Admits To Various Cosmetic Procedures!

This has been a month of many revelations for the first family of reality TV, the Kardashians. They have been freely admitting to having plastic surgery on numerous occasions. The youngest member of the Kardashian Klan is not really a Kardashian but a Jenner. The youngest child of Bruce and Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, 17, has been making revelations. Jenner who will turn 18 in August admits her large lips have been surgically plumped. After several months of reports and rumors on many tabloids and talk shows, Kylie Jenner admits that her famous pout has been enhanced. They have been enhanced with fillers. Fans and spectators got a first hand look at Jenner’s revelations on a recent episode of the reality show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. Kylie told the camera “I have temporary lip fillers, it’s just an insecurity of mine. That’s what I felt I needed to do, others don’t have to agree, but it’s what I wanted to do. Kylie has said that being in the public eye, has not been easy, she said that everyone always picks her and her famous family members apart.

There has been numerous discussions around Kylie’s growing lips. She had done various interviews where her changing looking lips have been the topic of discussion.  She in the past has attributed her changing looks to lip liner, makeup, and simply her face changing as she gets older. The reality star has even taken to Twitter to try to defuse the subject entirely. On Twitter she said recently “How long are we going to talk about this lip thing?” She also wrote, “Just talk about something new for once, I’m bored.” Kylie’s pout has become a major cultural trend. There was a hash-tag dedicated to Kylie’s lips recently.  Jenner has said that she wants to admit to everyone that she has fillers. However she said “People are so quick to judge me on everything, so I might have tip toed around everything but I didn’t lie.”


Kylie’s older half sister Khloe Kardashian,30, also weighed in about the controversy.  Khloe always known for her honesty, has a strong opinion on the topic. Khloe said “Kylie has decided to plump her lips, and I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that. I think if you have done something, It is right to own up to it. But if you avoid the question you’re going to look like you’re hiding something, and maybe even a liar.

Many experts in public relations have said they are glad that Kylie has shared the information about herself. That way the experts agree average women won’t strive so hard to look like that. The young girls that emulate her will perhaps have more normal expectations of what the average woman looks like. The matriarch of the famous clan Kris Jenner, 59  turns 60 in November. Kris has been very open about her various changing looks that have been helped by less than natural ways.  Many of her plastic surgeon consultations are filmed and air on the family reality show.




Kylie Jenner’s Lip Fillers Stories Still Follow Troubled Reality Star!

Kylie Jenner’s Lip Fillers Stories Still Follow Troubled Reality Star!

Speculation about Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers still follow the 17 year old realty star. Jenner’s father Bruce Jenner has been grabbing headlines lately due to his admission that he wants to be a woman. Kylie seems to be running around all over Southern California with little if any adult supervision. Kylie is the youngest of Bruce Jenner’s children. She is also the youngest of Kris Jenner’s six children. Kylie and her older sister Kendall are part of the Kardashian Empire. The famous family continues to grab headlines around the world.

Kylie Jenner has been in the international spotlight for the last 8 years since ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ premiered on E in 2007. Kylie was just 7 years old when the show first started to air. Kylie will be a legal adult on August 10th, when she turns 18. It’s been reported that Kylie has already bought a mega mansion in Calabasas, CA, not far from her famous family members. Kylie reportedly will move into her new home in August. When most kids her age are planning for their first year of college, she will be alone in a mega-mansion. Kylie is also said to be romantically involved with 25 year rapper Tyga, who has a child with another woman.

Many friends and family of Kylie are fearful for the young starlet, many people think Kylie is just moving to fast, and has no adult support in her life. Kylie has her own brand of hair extensions, appears on the pages of various fashion magazines, and is regularly seen on the reality show that made her a star. After several months of speculation, Kylie recently admitted to receiving lip injections. The revelations was made on a recent eposide of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She is also still being tutored by a private teacher at home, so that she can receive a high school diploma later this month. Kylie has publicly stated that she has no further plans for continuing her education.

While Kylie and her famous family may have their share of detractors, it’s not evidenced by the amount of twitter followers. Kylie has over 9 million Twitter followers. However most observers will say that her lifestyle is reckless and scary for someone at her young age. Tyga’s real name is Michael Ray Nguyen Stevenson, took to the airwaves to address his relationship with Kylie. He said they are friends, and he’s not romantically involved with Kylie. He said he has been friends with her family for years, but there is nothing more to it than not.

He said he didn’t leave the mother of his child Blac Chyna for Kylie. They weren’t getting along, Tyga said. That was the reason the relationship didn’t last, is because he didn’t want his son to see them not getting along. Tyga said of Kylie “she’s just a good person, she comes from a good upbringing.” Whether it’s true or not, he would not admit to any romance, he said he hangs out with her. He said he introduced Kim Kardashian to his ex Blac Chyna. The two once were best friends, however today their relationship remains strained!

Kim Kardashian Diet Changes Every Ten Days!

Kim Kardashian Diet Changes Every Ten Days!

Realty Queen Kim Kardashian’s diet changes every ten days, to keep it as effective as possible. Kardashian turns 35 in October has stated that keeping the pounds off is harder after having a baby and being in her 30’s. She is also very short at 5’2, she tends to pile the weight on quicker than taller women. She is pear shaped, and women who share her body type know that a reliable diet and work out plan are essential in staying fit. A few years back Kim and her younger sister Khloe appeared on an LA morning show, they spoke specifically about their diets and staying fit. The host of the show regaled the two about their extensive Kardashian empire, which consists of clothing lines, make up lines, diet plans and countless other products the famous family is promoting.

Kim said, “Business has always been in our blood. We’ve always worked since we were really little. My first job was like when I was 15, 16, Khloe the same. We are just so passionate about everything we do. Whether it’s our diet products, we make sure that we for sure use them. We use everything, and we help formulate these products. We don’t just put our name on anything unless we tried it, and are satisfied that these products really work. We are really involved in any product that has our name on it.”

The girls were at that time promoting ‘Quick Trim’, a dieting product. Both girls said there are a lot of really good healthy ingredients in that diet product, like berries and other natural ingredients. Khole said it has green tea, black licorice it’s all natural stuff she said. Kim said the diet product is designed to give you energy not drag you down. Khole talked about some wrong ideas that people have about her and her famous family. Khole said, “I think that’s the one misconception that people have about us. I think they think we sleep all day and party all night. That’s fine if they think that, but I’ I’m here to say that is just not true. We actually do work really hard. We take most pride in our family connection. Even though we do play, we have fun at every job that we have. But we stick together and I think that’s where our main core is with everything.

Kim went on to explain “and you have to keep in mind that our main job is to wake up and hang out with our family every single day.” This interview was post Bruce Jenner transitioning and the host was lamenting on what was going on at that time. Khloe was still presenting publicly as a happily married woman to former NBA player Lamar Odom. She said of all the buzz surrounding her marriage ” He’s great, he actually has the flu, but he played really well the other night and I think he sweated out some of his illness, he feels a lot better today. She was asked if he still ate a lot of candy to wish she replied not really. The girls were heavily promoting their line of diet products for Quick Trim.



Melissa Joan Hart Talks Maintaining 40 Pound Weight Loss!

Melissa Joan Hart Talks Maintaining 40 Pound Weight Loss!

Melissa Joan Hart,39, of ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ fame, is looking better than ever these days. The actress,director and writer, is boosting a new found svelte figure that many are admiring. The mother of three says it’s been very freeing to know that those skinny jeans in the closet will always fit and look good. Hart has been married to musician Mark Wilkerson for 12 years, she says she works our regularly with her husband to keep a healthy weight.

Melissa Joan Hart weight loss

Hart says that she has never really been a person that regularly worked out. However her husband is avid gym rat. He’s a man that spends a great deal of time in the gym, it’s second nature to him. Hart says she went to her husband early in her weight loss quest, and asked him to oversee her training in the gym. The strategy has obviously worked, as the busy mother has been able to maintain her weight loss.

The husband wife team spend three days a week together in the gym and work basically on weight training. Although Hart separately works on cardio routines. She says that she has found two days of cardio classes in conjunction with the weight training to be the most successful combination in maintaining her weight loss. She said the time she and her husband spend in the gym is their time away from their kids. It’s just alone time for the two of them.

She says that the weight loss, has given her a new sense of confidence that she was lacking when she was carrying the extra weight. “It just made me happier. It made me feel physically and emotionally lighter to be able to do the things I want to do. To be able to wear the clothe I want to wear, and to feel sexy around my husband again. I’m very proud of myself.”

She has been plugging the weight loss program ‘Nutra Systems’ and is their national spokeswoman. She said she lost 40 pounds last year, she said the trick is maintaining the weight loss. She said “It can be easy if you learn lessons. Last year I learned a lesson about portion control. I also learned about being able to have all the celebrations, things like birthday cake and Thanksgiving dinner. But then the next day getting back on the horse. I make sure I have my Nutra Shake in the morning, have a good healthy lunch and dinner. Just keeping it very clean. You know 80% of it is nutrition, we work out the other 20% of the time. For breakfast I like shakes, my Nutra Systems shakes, I add some non fat Greek yogurt and honey and that’s usually breakfast. Lunch just depends on work and what not. If I have my Nutra Systems meals it’s easy or I can add a salad to that, or just have some chicken and try to keep it clean. Then dinner we usually try to do with the kids. The kids like to have pasta a lot, but sometimes we have to change it up a little to keep it healthy. They get one thing and then Mommy and Daddy get something else.”



Presidential Hopful Jeb Bush Drops Pounds Weekly! (Weight Loss Before and After)

Presidential Hopful Jeb Bush Drops Pounds Weekly! (Weight Loss Before and After)

Jeb Bush the former Governor of Florida and the shining light of the GOP is losing a lot of weight lately! Bush, 62 by his own admission has struggled with his weight for most of his life. Bush unveiled a new weight loss program that seems to be working. In an attempt to lose some weight Jeb Bush has begun the Paleo Diet. It’s a diet that mostly consists of lean meats and lots of fresh fruits and some vegetables. The principle of the diet as many who have tried it, say the key is eating like a caveman, meaning lots of meats, and keeping away from processed foods. As most can agree there weren’t any processed foods when cavemen were rooming the lands.

The Bush camp is not going on the record with the exact amount of weight that Bush has lost. However Bush watchers have been reporting that Bush has lost between 20 and 30 pounds in once months time. That is a very impressive amount of lost weight by anyone’s standards. Some political pundits have been saying when the saw the amazing amount of weight Bush has been losing that was a sure sign that Bush was going to run for the highest prize in 2016. The Bush weight loss is being compared to some other political front runners, like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has lost over 100 pounds in less than a year. The marked difference between Christie and Bush is that Christie had lap-band surgery, and Bush is losing weight the natural way through maintaining a healthier diet.

The Paleo regime has really taken off in a very big way, people that have been using the diet, are reporting great results. Going back to the basic principle of the Paleo diet, is that going back to the day of the caveman, may just be a very simply and healthy way to lose weight. The cavemen ate only what he could gather and kill. Fruits, nuts, wild vegetables, in a word, no processed foods. Therefore the cavemen received all the nutritional benefits in his food.

His vitamins and minerals came from what he ate, not from pills he swallowed. Most people can and should do the same if they want to truly lose weight and live each moments of their lives with the optimum health that nature intended. It’s a simple plan that says you must eat only what nature intended you to eat. This diet is a real lifestyle change, and by changing the lifestyle it changes the life. Another big part of the Paleo diet if you haven’t figured it out yet, is there is absolutely no sugar in the diet. Of course there is natural sugar in fruits,nuts and vegetables, but there is no added sugar in the Paleo diet. It’s also no grains, no wheat, no breads, no diaries, no milk,yogurt or cheese. No muffins, no cupcakes, nothing that is man made and is just a bunch of junk that is not healthy and adds pounds any way you look at it. The Paleo diet says you can eat all the items you’re allowed to with unlimited amounts of it.

Dalia Jacobs Concentrates On Parenting Child With Joseph Randle

Dalia Jacobs Concentrates On Parenting Child With Joseph Randle

Dalia Jacobs the twenty something ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboy running back Joseph Randle, is trying to be a good mother to their young child. Back in February, Jacobs filed a domestic violence protection order against Randle in Texas. Although Randle has not yet been arrested on the abuse allegations, Jacobs has been trying to move on with her life. Jacobs and Randle along with a group of other people were at a Wichita, Texas hotel in February, supposedly discussing child custody arrangements, as the couple are no longer together. While the pair were at the hotel Jacobs has said she started to feel uncomfortable when Randle started yelling at the people in the hotel room.

Jacobs grabbed her young child and went to the parking lot of the hotel with another woman. As she was putting her son in the car, she looked up and Randle was standing over, with a gun pointed at her. Jacobs told her story to news outlets, she said Randle waved the gun at her and the woman and made threats that he would shoot out the tires of the car. Jacobs says she begged Randle to stop because their son was in the line of fire. Jacobs at the time said, “I just couldn’t image my son being shot to death by his own father.” Jacobs said Randle finally walked away as she got into the car, and then some more scary moments would follow.

Jacobs said, ” Joesph put his gun up, he walked back to the car, he looked at it, and he just punches it with his fist. Glass was splatters everywhere. There is glass in my son’s hair, it hit him and that’s when he started crying.” Both of the women called the police, Jacobs says a friend that was with Randle drove off with the gun. Jacobs says she just grabbed her son and said “I hope you’re ok baby.” Jacobs said she feared her son may have received cuts from all the glass scattering. Jacobs told authorities that this time the violence got way too far. The fight in her opinion was the culmination of a months long battle she had been waging against  Randle.

Jacobs says she has been battling Randle in family court for months over his lack of paying child support for several months. Jacobs says that she has been pushing the state of Texas to pressure Randle into paying all the back support that he owes. She first went to the state in March of 2014, and in October she says the Department of Children’s Services contacted the Dallas Cowboys to verify Randle’s employment and income, however the agency never heard back from anyone in the Cowboys. While it is general knowledge that Randle does play for the team, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, Jacobs and her son are living off the state. On the day of the hotel incident Randle was served with child support paper work. Randle was incensed and took to his social media account and posted the child support paper work. In the invoice in ridiculed Jacobs. Several open court cases are pending against Randle.

Celebrities on Steroids List (Before and After)

Although steriods always generate controversy among bodybuilders, using steriods is still the fastest way to bulk up. That’s why so many celebrities use steriods regularly and have gone amazing body transformation over the past few years.

Although most bodybuilders and celebrities denied it, taking steriods in fact has become the most important process of bulking up. Just watch the video below to find the truth among bodybuilders on steriods.

Now more and more celebrities are using steriods including the most famous female stars like Modonna! Here is a collection of articles and videos of celebrities who seems to rely on steriods for bodybuilding.

Celebrities on Steroids before and after

Celebrities on Steroids list

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will smith, mark wahlberg, Seth rogen, Triple h, Paul levesque, Jason stathan zac efron , taylor lautner, Dwayne Johnson, the rock, Christiano ronaldo, kellan lutz Cam gigandet, Charlie sheen, Mickey Rourke, Hugh jackman, Chris Hemsworth, daniel craig, Craig David , Gerard butler, Alistair Overeem, Zyzz, Paul walker , Jonah hill, Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew mcconaughey, Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans , Robert de niro, Tom Hardy, Jamie fox and more…

Pro bodybuilders before and after using steriods

Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Priest. Dennis James, Kevin Levrone, Phil Heath, Dave Palumbo, Dorian Yates, Frank Zane, Pavol Jablonicky, Gary Strydom, Art Artwood, Rolander Kickinge, Bertil Fox, King Kamali, Ronnie Coleman, Nasser El Sonbaty, Frank Sepe, Shawn Ray, Paul Dillet,Branch Warren, Lou Ferrigno,Lee Priest.Jay Cutler, Branch Warren, Flex Wheeler, Dennis James, Kevin Levrone

Female bodybuilders before and after steroids

Arnold Schwarzenegger admits steriods use


Hollywood Steroid Use List


How Hollywood stars rely steroids buff bodies Up?


Do Actors Use Steroids For Movies?


Steroids Hollywood Actors Pressure


Celebrity Ripped Club: 8 Non Athletes Who’ve Gotta Be Steroids



Capsiplex Reviews: Nicola McClean and Roxanne Pellett take Capsiplex and Lose 7 Pounds a Week!

Finally I found the secret how Nicola McClean and Roxanne Pellett lost weight so quickly! Take a look at Nicola McClean’s weight loss before and after photos below! Capsiplex Sport is one of the diet pills with celebrity endorsement. With the help of Capsiplex, Nicola McLean lost 7lb in one week and Roxanne Pallett, the famous Hollywood actress managed to lose more than a size within a short period of time.

capsiplex reviews

Unlike the other weight loss supplements such as Phen375, green coffee beans or Cambogia Garcinia supplements, Capsiplex has 3 main features: it’s the extract from Chili Peppers, it burns up to 278 calories after exercise, 100% and you just need to take 1 pill a day.

Capsiplex review

Capsiplex is one of the best ‘chilli diet pills’ on market. Chilli diet has been known as a very effective diet for weight management especially for fast weight loss.

However, you can’t eat a lot of chilli peppers all day long right? That’s why ‘Chilli diet pills’ come in.

In fact ‘Chilli diet pill’ has long been favored by many Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.

Capsiplex is so popular that it was sold out within 3 days several months ago.

What does Nicola Maclean think of the results?

“I’m really pleased with my results. My post pregnancy pounds have melted away and I feel great. I believe Capsiplex has given me extra energy. Certainly now I’ve started exercising again … I don’t seem to get out of breath as easily as I used to.

“I have lost the weight much faster than the first time round so I’m REALLY pleased. My confidence is sky high again now and I’m ready to take on new projects.”

Capsiplex on newspapers

capsiplex reviews


What does the researchers say?

According to the researchers, Capsiplex is a clinically proven supplement that help participants burn an average of 278 more calories! This is an amazing result compared with most popular fat burning supplements.

capsiplex reviews 2

CAPSIPLEX SPORT supplements price

1 bottle: $62.87  $45,75

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Best Guilt-free Desserts Recipes Videos Collection!

Check out the collection of the best guilt-free desserts recipes! Just watch the videos with the amazing tasty and rich Guilt Free Desserts! Hope you like them!

Guilt-free Desserts recipes

  • WWE Champion John Cena Demos a Guilt-Free Dessert Recipe
  • Guilt free dessert with Amanda from The Hot Plate
  • Guilt Free Desserts with Raw Foundation
  • Smartgirl’s guilt-free desserts
  • Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream
  • Guilt-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe
  • No Bake Chocolate Raspberry Tarts
  • Antioxidant Ice Cream
  • Brown Velvet Sheet Cake
  • HEALTHY Chocolate Silk Pie

Best Guilt-free Desserts

Want to learn more about “guilt-free desserts”? Want to know how to simply turn any dessert into a healthy, fat burning dessert yet still delicious? Here is a very nice book. I bought the book 2 years ago and tried the desserts myself personally. This is so far the best book I have ever seen talking about healthy desserts.

Guilt Free Desserts Review (Kelly Herring) Legit or Scam

You can read the full review here: Guilt Free Desserts review

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