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Fitness Swimming!

If fitness is defined as the state or condition of being fit  and therefore having good health..specially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition then swimming for fitness might be one of the best ways to a healthy exercise routine! You don’t have to be a competitor to hit the pool! Did you know swimming is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise, and it is an excellent activity for anyone who wishes to get fit and stay fit. Swimming workouts burn fat, trim inches and help you get fitter and healthier than ever! I bet...

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Twilight Stephanie Meyer’s Amazing Weight Loss!

Have you seen the oh so super famous author Stephanie Meyer’s new body!!! She looks completely marvelous and transformed and not to mention all the perks that come with losing those extra pounds!   The 39 year old not that she looks her age was seen looking amazingly stunning definitely stealing the spotlight during the premiere of her latest book coming to the big screen “The Host” in Hollywood earlier this week. Ever since getting major recognition for her vampire romance series Twilight and being ranked #49 on Time magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential peeps, making the...

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5 Reasons to start Bike Riding!

Are you looking to cruise around town or to explore on the roads? And don’t worry the fun about cycling is that anyone can do it! For sure you don’t have to be the winner of the Tour of France to dare on this super beneficial sport and start getting that lean and slim body! Ready to jump on the bicycle wagon?? Don’t be surprised if someone you know or a close friend or family member is doing it already! Besides the environmental benefits riding a bike it’s also one of the most effective workouts you’ll ever do. Here’s...

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Mediterranean Diet Foods!

Trying to eat well?? I know, I know with so many diets out there is hard to decide which one to follow or which one will work for you! But look you can never go wrong with a Mediterranean diet! Just relax and think of it as if you’re on an overseas vacation! Key ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine include olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich legumes, fish and whole grains with moderate amounts of wine and red meat. The flavors are rich and let’s just say are hard to ignore! Is really a sensational way to loose all...

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Women’s fitness: Get lean & mean with boxing!

Many who have gotten into boxing say, success in any fitness program is an elusive moving target! Feeling like, maybe giving it a try??? Why not right! There are many exercise devotees out there who continuously take aim. However, few consistently achieve a solid hit, when it comes to their fitness goals. When success demands focus, balance, consistency and discipline. It also requires the ability and dedication to continuously overcome obstacles. This time around I’m bringing you another alternative which might be not all that commom for girly girls but that never the less give extremely awesome results! Boxing...

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