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June Steenkamp is Reeva Steenkamp’s Mother

FHM model Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead on Valentine’s day by the hand of her boyfriend Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorious. But the question is Reeva’s family is the dame Why?? June Steenkamp Reeva’s mother asks why did he kill her little girl. June Steenkamp married to Horse trainer Barry Steenkamp gave birth to her little princess Reeva, her husband already had a child Adam who June welcomed as her own. Reeva’s half brother Adam has been living in the United Kingdom since he was 13, she was delighted to have Reeva a successful 29-year-old model close to her in...

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Francois Hougaard- Reeva Steenkamp’s ex-Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

Some people  have been gossiping about what provoked Oscar Pistorius to shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp four times, some said it was her close friendship with her ex-boyfriend Rugby star Francois Hougaard. 24-year-old Francois Hougaard is according to British tabloids a good friend with Oscar Pistorius but he was also very close to Oscar’s beautiful girlfriend Reeva. Reeva and Francois have known each other for years and even dated for a while, but  that was ages ago. Investigators have been looking at Reeva tweets to Francois and vice versa, but so far there aren’t any tweets between them that...

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Renee Talley Butt Implants Victim Named

We all know who Renee Talley, well at least we  knew that she is the woman who flipped her butt implants on video, at first she didn’t revealed her last name at first but now we know the victim of that plastic surgery gone bad is Renee Talley. 44-year-old Renee Talley from Fullerton, California is the owner if the women’s clothing store Gods gifts creations, she also is a mother of four and is Mrs. Talley who explained the horrific pain she went through after she underwent  thru what an only be describe as plastic surgery from hell. “I...

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Aimee Pistorius- Oscar Pistorius’ Sister (PHOTO)

Aimee Pistorius and her family are going through one of the most difficult time of their lives, after her beloved mother’s death, Oscar Pistorius her brother and Paralympic athlete is facing life in jail. Oscar Pistorius has been charged for the murder of his girlfriend FHM model Reeva Steenkamp, prosecutors are trying to charge him with premeditated murder, if they do and Pistorius is found guilty he could be behind bars for the rest of his life, a hard blow in the life of his family who have been supporting him every step of this hard crusade. Aimee Pistorios...

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Nechole Thomas- Drunk Driver In Delanie Walker’s Aunt and Uncle Accident

On Sunday San Francisco 49ers’ tight end Delanie Walker didn’t just suffered losing the Super Bowl title to the Baltimore Ravens, but he also suffered the tragic death of birth his aunt and uncle Alice and Bryan Young who were killed by a drunk driver Nechole Thomas who slammed her Mercedes into theirs. According to media Alice and Bryan Young went to New Orleans to support their nephew Delanie, after the game they drove in their 2012  Nissan Altima, they pulled over on Interstate 10 near mile marker 214.where also  26-year-old Nechole T. Thomas was driving her 2002 Mercedes...

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