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PHOTOS: The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

Meet the gorgeous cheerleaders who you will see tomorrow at the big game: The Super Bowl. The beautiful Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders pics here. Whitney J. is from Ravenswood, W.Va. and is a full-time student at Marshall University. Courtney Lenz works in sales and marketing and attended Towson University. Tanya V., of Towson University, is a full-time student and expects to turn out to be a special education teacher. Stephanie is going to Morgan State University where she is working towards getting an M.B.A. Spencer B. is a communications project specialist at Johns Hopkins University. Serena B. is a full-time...

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Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds (Taj Jordan) Is Michael Jordan’s Alleged Son

According to TMZ NBA legendary player Michael Jordan fathered a child with Pamela Smith who claimed her teenage son Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds aka Taj Jordan while Michael was married to his ex-wife Juanita. 50-year-old Michael Jordan was married to his ex-wife Juanita Jordan (Juanita Vanoy) for 17 years, during their marriage they had three children, sons Jeffrey Michael and Marcus James and their only daughter Jasmine. Juanita filed for divorced twice, first in 2002 but reconciled shortly thereafter, and the second in 2006. Pamela Smith who filed a paternity suit in Georgia claimed that she gave birth...

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Courtney Lenz- Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Too Fat to Cheer?

According to former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Courtney Lenz, she was left off the cheerleading squad because she was told she had gained weight (two pounds according to her) but now fans are requesting for Courtney to be reinstate in the Ravens Cheerleading team. Meet 23-year-old Courtney Lenz she is the cheerleader from the Baltimore Ravens who said she was unfairly left off the cheerleading squad for the Super Bowl after the Ravens have promise them that all cheerleaders with more than three years in the squad would be on the Super Bowl, Lenz has been with Baltimore for more...

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Nicole Macias McNamara Is Daredevil Surfer Garrett McNamara’s Wife

American Daredevil surfer Garrett McNamara  has done it again this time he even broke his own world record by riding a 100 feet high wave in Nazare, Portugal, that was for sure a jaw dropping image, but not as much as his beautiful wife Nicole Macias McNamara. 45-year-old Garrett McNamara from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, he then lived in Berkley, Cali and by the time he turned 12 he and his family moved to Hawaii, Garrett and his brother Liam were raised by their beloved mother. Garrett graduated in 1985 from Waialua High School. Two years later he was riding the...

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Sidney Ackerman is the Washington Redskins’ Catfish (PHOTOS)

Meet Sidney Ackerman, she is not real and the pics of her on the web are of someone named C.J Miles, whoever is behind the hoax received several date invitation by several Redskins players. even though Ackerman never met with any player and none became emotionally attached she did send one of them pornographic videos and photos of  C.J Miles an adult entertainer. Nobody knows who is the real person behind the Washington Redskins hoax, someone made up a sexy Redskins fan AND named her Sidney Ackerman using pictures of C.J Miles the Philippine adult video actress for her...

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