Author: Nina Dawn

Laurel D’ Antoni- Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni’s Wife

Laurel is Mike D’Antoni’s wife who’s at this moment cheering up her husband that is about to take over a desperate team. The Lakers haven’t had a good start but must be eager to try something different now and see what happens… it can only get better right? This is his husband’s 3rd chance in the NBA. When he was with the Knicks, it wasn’t what he expected,  though he did great with Nash and the Phoenix Suns. Mike and his wife Laurel live in Rye, NY, he and his family now are successful in the media market. 52-year-old...

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Megan M. Shaven Head Colts cheerleader

Nobody thought the shaved heads of the 25 Indianapolis Colt players that meant to be supportive with head coach Chuck Pagano, who has leukemia would encourage cheerleader Megan M. Shaven to shave her head too! All this is being done to support cancer research. These last days, Colts mascot Blue sent out a challenge to the team’s cheerleaders on Twitter stating that if he could raise $10,000 for the disease research on the match between Colts vs. Bills on Nov.  25, one cheerleader must lose her hair under the razor! Megan said yes to the challenge this Sunday. The...

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Larisa Fraser is MLB Ryan Braun’s Model girlfriend/ Fiancee

The Canadian lingerie model, Larisa Fraser is Milwaukee Brewers left fielder and reigning National League MVP Ryan Braun’s “girlfriend-fiancee.” Nobody knows when the engagement took place or where it happened but we can be sure now this golden boy is no longer available! Fraser uploaded a pic when the love doves visited London. She was wearing an engagement ring already. She also mentioned something about her engagement on her blog via Her boyfriend, 28 yrs. old, was nominated twice for a NL MVP Award. The same week he won a Silver Slugger Award. It seems life is smiling...

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Josie Basilio – Boxer Carmen Basilio’s Wife

Josie Basilio, Carmen Basilio’s wife for 26 years mourns the departure of her beloved husband at age 85, this Wednesday, in Rochester, N.Y. He was struggling from pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital for this reason. Mrs. Basilio, four children, eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren are left behind. The boxer was previously a welterweight and middle weight world champion and knocked out even Sugar Ray Robinson! He had a heart surgery 15 years ago and needed a pacemaker for the last 12 years. His widow had to experience her husband’s near death when the first surgical operation took...

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