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Garrett Celek’s girlfriend Sarah Hinton

Sarah Hinton’s boyfriend, Garrett Celek might win the Super Bowl. He is an undrafted 49ers recruit tight end from Michigan State who has played in 13 NFL games, plus two more in the playoffs. Eagles fans may think Garrett looks like Brent on the sports ground.  They might also think they run the same and think the same. But this will be revealed when he plays the most important game of his life on the following days. Even though his brother must have a longer career, more wins on his profession but it might happen that if Garret wins...

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Haloti Ngata’s wife Christina Ngata

All the attention is being directed to The Super Bowl and this weekend’s game is breaking all fans’ nerves…Ravens Defense and Christina Ngata’s husband, Haloti Ngata’s was ranked ninth on the team, thought to be the first time in Ravens record that the most important tackler on the line ranked that low. But he did contribute five sacks and was named to his fourth straight Pro Bowl. Haloti Ngata’s wife Christina Adams has known him since the two began dating while attending Highland High School in Salt Lake City. Haloti married long time girlfriend Christina in 2007, a year...

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Matt Birk’s Wife Adrianna Birk

One of the key responsibilities for the Baltimore Ravens in this Sunday’s Super Bowl is to keep their quarterback, Joe Flacco, protected from the San Francisco 49ers’ respected pass rush…. Only right guard Marshal Yanda and center Matt Birk whose wife is Adrianna Birk retained their regular-season jobs….how will the Ravens keep up this? The Ravens by no means led in time of control in the postseason excluding the second half of the AFC title game against the New England Patriots, which gave them the general benefit on the day. They were down 11:48 to 18:12 to New England...

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Dionne Boldin- Anquan Boldin’s Wife

For all the talk about the heroics of Dionne Boldin’s husband, Anquan Boldin, the Ravens would not be preparing for the 49ers in the Super Bowl this Feb. 3 lacking the resurrection of the defense, which has allowed only 17 second-half points in three playoff games. The modern Ravens defense may be every fragment as flexible, surviving a sluggish start and a slay of injuries to be in peak form in the postseason. Ravens coach said: We weren’t a very fundamentally sound defense early on and that’s why we had struggles. That doesn’t happen overnight, and we were moving guys in and out. We had injuries. [Pees has] done a great job of making game-plan choices and decisions that have been really effective strategically against the people we’ve played. You saw that play out [against the Patriots]. Carry Williams mentioned that it was a pretty straightforward game plan, and it was. The guys executed it really well. To me, that’s what a great coach, a great teacher does. Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin describes himself to be the ideal husband He said: I do everything except cook. I wash, fold clothes, I clean up, I’m a big neat freak. Dionne Boldin is his former high school sweetheart. The pair has been married since 2009. Their first date was to the movies, which Anquan says he asked Dionne’s parents’ permission...

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Libby Offutt- Randy Moss’s Wife

Wide receiver and Libby Offutt’s boyfriend, Randy Moss declared at the Super Bowl: I do think I’m the greatest receiver ever to play this game. Randy Moss and Libby Offutt have been together since high school, and have been through one of the most chaotic relationships in sports. Together since high school, the pair faced constant racial mocking and intimidation in Rand, West Virginia, which only escalated after their first kid was born during their senior year. Remarks from white people being disturbed about Randy dating a white woman were rumored to have started Ran-U’s well-known high school fight...

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