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Jennifer Lopez Diet Secrets Complete Guide

Check the Jennifer Lopez Diet Secrets below! Jennifer Lopez diet plan has helped this sexy mother to successfully shed pounds and get the fantastic curves. It’s reported according to her diet, you can eat nearly anything you want. If this is true?

Jennifer Lopez’s diet, originally developed by Dr Pierre Dukan for more than 10 years. Jennifer sticked to this diet which helped her become so pretty and slim always! Let’s look into it!


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Jennifer Lopez Diet – Dukan diet

Jennifer doesn’t like thin girl, once she told a magazine that she hated to looked in a magazine with pictures of thin girl that looked so unhappy that seemed caving for a good meal.  In fact, she is very satisfied with her own shape.

“It wouldn’t work. I have a butt, I have boobs and I have a woman’s curves; there is no way I’d see them go to zero.”

Duken diet, followed by Jennifer, also has been popular among celebrities and helped most of them achieved their desired curve. The principle for duken diet plan is to take much protein which is hard to digest so it increases fat burning and also helps to suppress appetite.

Jennifer’s Dukan diet plan concludes 4 phases.

Jennifer Lopez Diet -The four stages

I just remember being pregnant and marvelling at the hugeness of every area of my body. I’d stand there naked and look in the mirror from all angles. I did get shocked at how my already ample rear end was now humongous!

Jenifer Lopez diet concludes 4 phases:

Attack phase: Eat foods high in protein as much as you like. Lasting from two to seven days.

Cruising phase: You are required to alternate between protein days with foods high in protein and vegetable days, that take vegetables to reach your chosen weight, with this phase, you are estimated to get an average weight loss of 2lbs a week

Consolidation: This phase helps you keep your weight not rebounces. This phase lasts about 5 days for each pound you lose. For example, if you lose about 10 lbs, this stage needs to last for 40 days.

Stabilisation: You need to take Dukan Diet one day a week after the consolidation period.


Jennifer Lopez Diet Plan for a day


For breakfast:

  • One slice of turkey, or low fat ham, chicken or one boiled egg which are high in protein
  • 225 g non-fat cottage cheese or two small non-fat yogurts
  • Tea or coffee that helps to increase metabolism

For snack: 

115 g of non-fat cottage cheese or a small non-fat yogurt

For Lunch:

Pepper steak with egg custard for pudding, or crab sticks, poached salmon fillets or chicken leg or Snack: a turkey slice or a non-fat yogurt

For Dinner:

Prawns sauteed in herbs and tandoori chicken escalopes or moules mariniere and boiled beef and no-sugar vanilla creme, plus an oatbran pancake.


Other Jennifer Lopez Diet Secrets

Eat small meals

During the day, Jennifer only eat small meals which enables her to get enough energy and at the same time avoid taking too much calories.

Avoid the desert or alcohol

Because desert or alcohol are easy to cause overweight and fat accumulation, Jeniffer prevents herself from drinking alcohol or the deserts.

Control of the portions

Jessifer also controls portions which she has been sticked for more than 9 years.

Drinks 3 litres of water a day

Jeniffer has a good habbit that drinks three litres of water each day which helps her keep healthy.

Regular workout

“She isn’t afraid to push herself in the gym. She’s not somebody who blows it off because she’s working 18 hour days on the set. She finds a way to get back in, even if it means exercising really late at night.”

Her trainer, Gunnar said that she was always able to find some workout time for herself and did regular at least 1 hour workout on most days, which includes a 10 minutes warm-up and high intense cardio and strength exercises. But unlike the others, Jennifer did cardio or strength in a soft approach.

Now you have known the secrets of Jennifer Lopez diet, do you want to try her inspiring approach and get the desired curve?

Beyonce Diet Secrets Revealed

Beyonce Diet has always popular among women who want a stunning shape as Beyonce. Not like many models and girls born with slim shape, Beyonce faced problems of overweight and took efforts into loosing weight with beyonce diet plan. In different period, she chose a same Beyonce diet plan and works good. Let’s look into it.

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Beyonce diet in 2006

With the master cleanse diet, Beyonce successfully lose 20 pounds back in 2006 for her role in Dreamgirls. She shared her weight loss secret in Oprah show, that the key of her weight loss is Master Cleanse diet, which is a liquid diet that kept her quickly shed pounds.


The master cleanse diet has been known as the lemonade fast, or master cleanse lemonade fast. This liquid diet was written in a book called the master cleanse.

Beyonce followed the master cleanse diet for 14 days. During the 14 days, the diet concludes the following:

  • A liquid mixture of maple syrup, lemon juice or lime, and cayenne pepper
  • Drink the liquid juice for 6-12 times a day
  • Drink herbal laxative tea twice a day

“My nutritionist suggested the only way to do that was the maple syrup diet fast”

Beyonce diet in 2012 

In 2012, Beyonce took this diet to lose weight fast to set a good example for her daughter. So again she took the master cleanse diet to get a quick weight loss.


“I’m very conscious of being a curvy woman and I’m very happy that I am a curvy woman. I would never recommend it to anyone unless you are doing a movie and it’s necessary, and you have proper help.”

This time, Beyonce revealed her diet secret with more details, this diet conclude the following:

  • Squeezed fresh lemon or lime juice  for 2 tablespoons
  • Organic Grade B maple syrup for 2 tablespoons
  • Cayenne pepper for around 1/10 Teaspoon
  • Purified or spring water for 1 cup

You can also make a bottle of the master cleanse diet to take a whole day that includes the following. Put every ingredient in a bottle and shake it.

  • 1/4 cup of organic Grade B maple syrup
  • Five fresh squeezed Lemons
  • a teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • Ten cups of water

You need to take this diet for a minimum 10 days. But it’s not recommended everyone to take this Beyonce diet. For long period as lack of nutrition might cause delirium, dizziness and fainting especially when taking for long term period.

Beyonce diet in 2013

Beyonce continually  showed her amazing shape over covers or shows in 2013. When talking about her new diet secrets. Beyonce uncovered her 2013 diet secrets as the following:


 “I ate a very low-calorie diet. I stayed away from red meat and ate a lot of fish, replaced pasta and rice with quinoa.”

  • Always eat breakfast which offers the most important energy supply for a whole day
  • Eat high quality protein such as fish or scrambled egg whites
  • Eat whole foods such as whole-grain cerea
  • Always drink low-fat milk
  • Eat more vegetables and vegetable smoothie that contain a lot of fibers for better digestion
  • Keep low calories for each meal
  • Treat yourself one meal on Sunday, take a little rest and eat whatever you want.

One should remember that pregnant women can’t take beyonce diet and people with diseases such as heart disease or diabetics should consult their doctor before taking it.