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How hCG Diet Plan Helps a Couple Shed 110 Pounds?

Watch the video about how hCG diet plan helps a couple shed 110 pounds? A US overweight couple, who tried various ways of dieting and exercises and ended up in failure, happened to find the hCG diet plan in a book. They were excised and tried it right away, for 43 days, they took 500 calories a day with hCG injections, to their astonishment, this method worked. Mike lost as much as 60 pounds and his wife lost 50 pounds. In total this couple lost 110 pounds. hCG diet plan broke the way of eating foods and opened up a whole new life for them. I cant believe it, its amazing. — Mike talked about the result of hCG diet. Now hCG diet still raised much controversial opinions through doctors. But on the other hand, following to the doctors’ recommendations of diets and exercises, it still not worked for many people. While hCG diet has helped so many people lose weight and kept off the extra pounds. Maybe what’s matters is not to find explanations, but to find the solid ways that helps people lose...

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How Celebrity Diet Tips Help Hollowood Giants Slim Down (Video)

How do celebrity diet tips help Hollowood giants slim down? You will find the answers in the video above. For celebrity, they paid much more attention to their shape and they had their personal trainer to teach them to lose weight in a more healthy and more scientific way. In this “Hollowood giant slim down video”, you will find 5 celebrities that successfully shed pounds by various of celebrity diet tips and training secrets. Now follow the video and step into their real lives and you will find the amazing things. An inspiring celebrity did cadio exercises for 5 days a week. You can follow their cadio dances classes and see how to take the full advantage of cadio dances to shed pounds without feeling too much pain. Another celebrity shared how she made her own detoxify healthy foods with optimal cleanse, learn how to make it and how this cleanse out diet help her take a break from eating fat. The other one shared the secret of weight loss method she created that helped her lost 42 pounds easily and in the video, she recommended her method which made her more and more confident and energetic. Just follow these celebrity diet tips and be as slim as...

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Jennifer Lopez Diet and Training Tips (Videos)

Jenifer Lopez diet and exercises revealed in an interview conducted by Lucy Danziger, SELF magazine’s editor in chief. In this interview Jenifer not only revealed her diet secret, the training tips but also shares how she feeds her kids in a more healthy way. Jenifer Lopez has been said to be one of the best looking women with natural look thanks to this “Jenifer Lopez dieting plan” and its training. In the interview, you can see Jenifer looks pretty and energetic without any made-up and her sexy dresses, but seems much more sweet and down-to-earth. And she revealed her dieting secret that kept her so pretty all the time. Besides dieting plan, Jenifer also made strict exercises plan herself, in the videos, Jenifer shares her training tips with Lucy and you can also follow her tips. You will be shocked at how she makes strict dieting plan for her kids. Her kids are encouraged to be on veggie eating at so young. But if you know what she is talking about her tips for feeding kids, you will know that she is totally right. It has been neglected by most parents to truly feed their children in the health way. If the kids can be fed in a more healthy way, they would not face overweight problems and would live a more healthy and confident live. Jennifer, the most...

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Increased Breast Cancer Incidence (Video)

Hormone replacement therapy has been used for years to treat menopausal symptoms. Last year, a statement was issused by a health group of North American Menopause Society, the Endocrine Society and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine discussing about hormone replacement therapy as. “Still an acceptable treatment for menopausal symptoms and (the therapy) is relatively safe.” The hormone therapy is so popular as 40% of postmenopausal women took this therapy as believed its safe and efficient, but recent research has shown that hormone replacemment therapy side effects need more attention because it increased breast cancer incidence. The research was conducted only to women who has been using hormone replacement therapy of a synthesized homone that combined with estrogen with progestion. Or take seperately according to their original disease. The research involved in  70,000 postmenopausal women and took as long as 11 years. By comparing the rate of breast cancer rate between different groups, the researchers found that menopausal women who took  hormone replacement therapy has significantly increasement in breast cancer than women who didn’t take the hormone therapy. Women with breast cancer before the trial had been sellected out. So if you are looking for this kind of therapy, take the advice below, “If you’re going to take the hormone therapies, you need to know if there’s an increased risk (of breast cancer), make sure there’s a good indication. And don’t take them for a long period of time.”  Director of cancer...

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What is hCG Diet?

You might heard about hCG diet but what is hCG diet exactly? For more than 20 years, hCG diet has helped many people successfully lost weight. It also featured in Dr. Oz show and FoxNews. Thought challenged by many experts and doctors, HCG diet is still popular and it turns out that more and more people still excitedly talk about how hCG diet help them to conquer overweight and to live a new life.   Check the successful results of taking hCG diet for weight loss:  What is hCG diet and the new hCG diet? The classical hCG diet hCG, with the full name as “human chorionic gonadotropin” was a hormone that produced by pregnant women to keep the babies healthy. hCG has also said to effectively burn fat thus it has been used in hCG injection to burn fat and lose weight. HCG diet is also featured with low calories. The classical hCG diet developed by Dr Simeons includes 500 calories per day with  just 200 grams of protein that are taken from lunch and dinner. New hCG diet in 2013 The classical hCG diet restricted to be 500 calories per day while the newest theories have proved that there’s no obvious difference between taking 800 calories a day or 500 calories a day. In fact, if you take the new hCG diet with 800 calories a day that includes 300 calories from lean protein for...

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