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Kim Kardashian Diet Changes Every Ten Days!

Kim Kardashian Diet Changes Every Ten Days!

Realty Queen Kim Kardashian’s diet changes every ten days, to keep it as effective as possible. Kardashian turns 35 in October has stated that keeping the pounds off is harder after having a baby and being in her 30’s. She is also very short at 5’2, she tends to pile the weight on quicker than taller women. She is pear shaped, and women who share her body type know that a reliable diet and work out plan are essential in staying fit. A few years back Kim and her younger sister Khloe appeared on an LA morning show, they spoke specifically about their diets and staying fit. The host of the show regaled the two about their extensive Kardashian empire, which consists of clothing lines, make up lines, diet plans and countless other products the famous family is promoting.

Kim said, “Business has always been in our blood. We’ve always worked since we were really little. My first job was like when I was 15, 16, Khloe the same. We are just so passionate about everything we do. Whether it’s our diet products, we make sure that we for sure use them. We use everything, and we help formulate these products. We don’t just put our name on anything unless we tried it, and are satisfied that these products really work. We are really involved in any product that has our name on it.”

The girls were at that time promoting ‘Quick Trim’, a dieting product. Both girls said there are a lot of really good healthy ingredients in that diet product, like berries and other natural ingredients. Khole said it has green tea, black licorice it’s all natural stuff she said. Kim said the diet product is designed to give you energy not drag you down. Khole talked about some wrong ideas that people have about her and her famous family. Khole said, “I think that’s the one misconception that people have about us. I think they think we sleep all day and party all night. That’s fine if they think that, but I’ I’m here to say that is just not true. We actually do work really hard. We take most pride in our family connection. Even though we do play, we have fun at every job that we have. But we stick together and I think that’s where our main core is with everything.

Kim went on to explain “and you have to keep in mind that our main job is to wake up and hang out with our family every single day.” This interview was post Bruce Jenner transitioning and the host was lamenting on what was going on at that time. Khloe was still presenting publicly as a happily married woman to former NBA player Lamar Odom. She said of all the buzz surrounding her marriage ” He’s great, he actually has the flu, but he played really well the other night and I think he sweated out some of his illness, he feels a lot better today. She was asked if he still ate a lot of candy to wish she replied not really. The girls were heavily promoting their line of diet products for Quick Trim.



Kylie Jenner Has Had Some Plastic Surgery Some Speculate! (Before and After)

Some leading plastic surgeons are weighing in on the didn’t she or did she argument regarding Kylie Jenner, 17. Jenner the half sister of the Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khole and Courtney. Her full sibling fashion model Kendall Jenner, has been drawing rave reviews for her turn as a model, Perhaps Kylie the youngest sibling of the Kardashian/Jenner reality clan, sometimes feels left out, some are no speculating.Kylie Jenner Has Had Some Plastic Surgery Some Speculate before and after lip injections

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery: lip injections and eyebrows lift

Must read: Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After

She has gone through some drastic changes physically of late, which is just fanning the speculation flames. Her parents Kris and Bruce Jenner separated last year, and Kris just filed for divorce this week. Jenner has been asked to comment on the plastic surgery rumors, and she has steadfastly denied having any type of surgery. One would hope that the 17 year old is telling the truth regarding not having any surgery. Many feel that is just way too young to start having plastic surgery. Some leading plastic surgeons are weighing in on the Kylie Jenner plastic surgery controversy. Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates said that if you compare before and after pictures of Jenner, her lips look three times the size in the after pictures. Salzhauer wants to be very clear on a few things regarding Jenner. He said she may have had some fillers and if that’s the case, it’s not a permanent enhancement but will fade with time. The doctor continued to explain to ‘Hollywood Life’ that there are two different types of fillers one is temporary, and the other type that is permanent can cause the lips to be deformed in the long run.Kylie Jenner Has Had Some Plastic Surgery Some Speculate before and after lip injections 2

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery before and after

Kylie has been extremely defiant in her denials, saying that she is now grown up, and because of that her physical appearance has changed. She in no way would she ever consider plastic surgery now. However Dr. Salzhauer, says based on the pictures that he has seen, he believe that Jenner has done something surgically to alter her appearance. He also went on to say that as a person gets older and matures, their limps become smaller and thinner. Versus bigger and plumper like Kylie’s lips have. Kylie has been recently posting to her social media accounts particularly Instagram, with images of her looking very similar to her older half sister Kim Kardashian. Causing people to continue to speculate is her caption she gave that picture “Shame on me for changing, Shame on you for staying the same.” Kylie’s fans and detractors have pointed out that caption only means plastic surgery or a new face for Kylie. The picture bares little resemblance to the Kylie of only a few weeks ago. Jenner perhaps trying to keep in step with her famous siblings has dabbled in modeling. She has sat for photo shoots with famed photographer Nick Salimbeni. She has also modeled for the clothing line of singer Avril Lavigne. The clothing line Abbey Dawn has had huge success. Jenner modeled when her half brother Brody Jenner dated the singer. Perhaps if Jenner has had plastic surgery, she is done with it!

Kim Kardashian Post Baby Weight Loss Atkins Diet and Recipes: How Kim Lost 25-pound Post Baby Weight in Months?

Just four months after Kim Kardashian gave birth to her baby North West, Kim recovered to her pre-baby shape very soon and she seems to be even sexier than before! How Kim Kardashian lost 25-pound post baby weight in Months? Read about the following Kim Kardashian Post – Baby weight loss diet and recipes!

Kim Kardashian Post Baby Weight Loss Atkins Diet and Recipes How Kim Lost 25 pound Post Baby Weight in Months

Atkins diet

Kim was reported to follow Atkins diet by eliminating carbs completely.

“I’ve actually been doing the Atkins diet & luv it,” she tweeted

Atkins diet refers to diet with low carb, high protein. It has been very popular over 10 years. Although questioned by its healthiness, Atkins diet has been favored by many celerbrities and it really helped them lose much weight!  Just look Kim, she has lost weight so amazingly in just 4 months and lost one to two pounds a week on average!

Kim Kardashian’s daily diet recipes

Her daily menu consists of lean animal proteins, Greek yogurt, nuts, and vegetables:

For breakfast:

  • Omelette or Greek yogurt
  • berries
  • slivered almonds.


  • nuts (One to two ounces)
  • guacamole dip with fresh veggies.

Lunch and dinner:

  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Lean red meat
  • Lots of fiber-rich vegetables

She controls calories for her each meal and foods are cooked with more healthy olive oil

“Our goal was to pace her weight loss,” she said. “She has lost a lot of inches and she’s able to work out. The scale weight isn’t generally what we focus on. That’s when people get discouraged. [Atkins is] a lifestyle. Her body will take her where she wants to be.” – Atkins vice president Colette Heimowitz

Control calories: 1,800 to 2,200 a day

Kim was also reported to limit her carb intake to 50 to 60 net grams each day. This is not easy to stick to because even an apple has 25 grams of carbs.


Other than strict diet, Kim was also reported to follow workout plans as following

  • Pilates
  • Cardio sessions on the treadmill
  • Strength-training
  • Boot-camp workouts

It seems she will get to her desired weight not too long!

 “I want to be one hot, sexy mama,” Kim. 


Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Diet Plan After Baby: Carb Cycling Diet, Healthy Snacks and High Fiber Diet (Kim Kardashian before and after baby photos)

What’s the secret of Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby Weight Loss? Kim Kardashian showed her slim shape just 3 months after giving birth to her daugher. It’s certain that she has found an effective and much better diet regime both for her weight loss: Carb Cycling diet, High Fiber diet, healthy snacks and fresh foods. The diet is so important because it not only benefits Kim Kardashian’s weight loss, also because she is still breastfeeding, the diet also benefits her baby girl.

Kim Kardashian before and after baby photos

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Diet Plan After Baby Carb Cycling Diet, Healthy Snacks and High Fiber Diet (Kim Kardashian before and after baby photos

Carb Cycling: 

Kim Kardashian’s Carb Cycling diet is to cut back on eating carbs every other day. The benefit of carb cycling is for better keeping up her energy and health for breastfeeding North West.

Healthy snacks: 

  • Snacking twice a day
  • Toasted pita bread, reduced-fat hummus (two tablespoons)
  • On days when she had Carb Cycling Diet, Kim would change pita bread to things like celery, carrots, cucumber and hummus, according to insider.

High Fiber Diet: 

Kim Kardashian has been having high fiber diet which also helps for weight loss because high fiber diet increases the digestion.

Fresh and healthy foods: 

Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner once revealed they had a cook to prepare everything fresh in the fridge and cook for Kim. Fresh and healthy foods are especially helpful for a nursing mom as Tracy Anderson once told OK magazine:

If you’re nursing, this is not the time that you can really diet because you have to keep enough calories so you can have a healthy milk supply. I think that a trend I’m seeing is a lot of women will nurse and diet and they don’t realize that it’s not okay for the baby because you’re not giving the baby breast milk that is full enough.

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Tips After North West Born: Healthy Eating and Sign a Deal With Weight Loss Company

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Tips After North West Born: Healthy Eating and Sign a Deal With Weight Loss Company

Kim Kardashian lost baby weight! Kim Kardashian, this 32 year old brand-new mom, just gave birth to little North West on June 15 6 weeks ago. It’s rumored that Kim was on a 1,200 calorie-a-day diet and It’s also revealed by an insider near Kim that Kim Kardashian has lost much of her baby weight successfully. How Kim Kardashian able to lose much weight on 1200 calories calorie diet?

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Tips After North West Born Healthy Eating and Sign a Deal With Weight Loss Company 2

“She’s feeling great and looking forward to getting back in shape.”  “She’s feeling great and looking forward to getting back in shape.” “She  is eating light and healthy thanks to the Jenners’ private chef and enjoying, settling into a routine with her daughter,” says the source. “””She’s happy with the way she looks but she knows she still has a way to go to get her pre-baby body totally back.”” – insider told People magazine

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Tips After North West Born Healthy Eating and Sign a Deal With Weight Loss Company

HollywoodLife magazine revealed more details about Kim Kardashian’s weight loss tips and her weight loss plan

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Tips 1: Special meals

According to an insider, Kim eats special meals that helped her lose weight.

“Kim eats special meals delivered to the house,” “The only real way she is losing weight right now is by eating healthy.”

Signed a deal with a weight loss company

“She has signed a deal with a weight loss company.” – Insider

No workout

“Kim was told not to work out for six weeks after giving birth. She has not started working out with a trainer yet.”

Kim Kardashian’s Deal With Weight Loss Company

“Kim was told not to work out for six weeks after giving birth. She has not started working out with a trainer yet.”

There has been many celebrities signing weight “weight wathers”. But for Kim, this weight loss company has not yet been revealed.

Kanye likes women with curves

Kim Kardashian’s weight loss motivation is not Kanye at all, in fact, the insider said Kanye liked women with curves.

“Kanye likes women with curves, so as long as Kim doesn’t lose the booty and hips, they’re good to go,” “He’s not really tripping on it too much. He knows what Kim is working with and he loves it all.”

Read more about Kim Kardashian weight loss motivation here!