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Victoria Beckham Weight Loss and Diet Recipes Revealed!

Victoria Beckham Diet – Alkaline Diet

Victoria Beckham was known to follow stricked to Alkaline diet, the non-acidic eating plan and she has recommended Alkaline diet to her friend Melanie. Alkaline Diet features ingredients like brown rice, quinoa, spelt, beetroot, spinach and lemon.

‘Victoria is on the Alkaline diet and she swears by it for healthy eating and weight loss and so have a lot of other people I’ve met,’ she says. ‘It’s loads of fruit and vegetables and grains but you can also eat goats cheese and stuff like that so it’s really tasty and I’ve also been eating loads of fruit.’ “I feel amazing! 8th training day in a row and I just had a great swim. Thank you! “I thought I knew what I was doing nutritionwise but I’m amazed what a difference alkalising makes.”

Victoria Beckham Diet Recipes Revealed

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Victoria Beckham Diet benefits

  • Quick weight loss
  • weight loss maintain
  • boost immune system
  • increasing energy
  • maintaining blood sugar levels
  • Prevent heart diseases

Victoria Beckham’s Cream recipes

Melanie C recently once followed Victoria’s diet and made cream based on Alkaline Diet

Victoria Beckham Diet Recipes Revealed 2

Banana toffee crunch ice cream

Serves 4–6


225ml (7½fl oz/scant 1 cup)
Almond Milk (see page 57) 200g (7oz) xylitol
475ml (16fl oz/scant 2 cups) sheep’s yogurt
¼ tsp xanthan gum
1½ tbsp agave syrup
1½ tsp lemon juice
2 bananas, chopped

For the toffee brittle 
1 tsp coconut oil, melted
4 tbsp Brazil nut butter
1 tsp agave syrup
50g (2oz/generous ¹/³ cup) raw pecans, chopped
3 fresh dates, pitted and chopped
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt


  • Stir all the ingredients together in a bowl
  • spread onto a flat baking tray
  • cover with cling film and freeze for about 40 minutes, until hard.
  • Combine the almond milk and xylitol in a pan and bring to a simmer and stirring constantly then cool
  • whisk into the yogurt in a bowl, adding the xanthan gum halfway through.
  • Stir in the agave syrup and lemon juice, bananas.
  • Transfer the mixture to an ice-cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Transfer to a freezer-proof container, cover and freeze until firm, adding the toffee brittle, broken into small pieces, once the ice cream is set but not too firm.

Victoria Beckham Diet Recipes for Lunch

  • Corn soup followed by a salad of greens and fruit for Beckham
  • Sushi for Beckham’s assistant and Victoria;
  • Fruit platter for everyone
  • Chef “comes in a couple of days a week and might make a giant lasagna so Victoria can put it in the freezer and then do it myself,”
  • Victoria Beckham sometimes eats salad and sometimes eats food that she heats up in a microwave or toaster oven type apparatus.

Victoria Beckham workout

Victoria spends a large chunk of time each day doing a Tracy Anderson workout with a personal trainer.

Victoria Beckham Diet Secrets: Victoria Beckham Recommended 2 Healthy Eating Books!

Victoria Beckham Recommended healthy eating books on her twitter! You can see Victoria Beckham diet and weight loss secrets from her favorite books.

Victoria Beckham weight loss diet secrets

Honestyle healthy

She recommended a book at her twitter. It’s called Honestyle healthy, telling how to eat the alkaline way, which was Victoria Beckham’s way of eating to keep slim and also attracted a lot of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Kirsten Dunst.

Love this healthy eating cook book – Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Weight Loss and Diet Secrets Victoria Beckham Recommended Healthy Eating Books

You can buy it at Amazon here



Skinny Bitch

Victoria also recommended a book called “skinny bitch” now a best seller, after she was spotted with this book in her hand.


Pu-erh tea

Besides books, Victoria also contributed to Pu-erh tea’s popularity because she mentioned about it some time before.


3 Features of Victoria Beckham Diet!

Read about the 3 features of Victoria Beckham diet! Victoria Beckham is always so skinny! Even after gaven birth to 4 children because she follows a very strict low-calorie diet and more, keep reading…


Features of Victoria Beckham Diet

1. Victoria Beckham takes Low calorie diet

Victoria always eats low-calorie meal which is the key reason she is so skinny! She follows the diet plan designed specially for her by the nutrition specialist to garantee taking into enough nutrition. She also has a cooking chef which is also the nutrition and dietary expert to help her making dietary dishes.

Victoria follows her diet plan in a very strict way. For some time she even limited her diet to eat peas only, but later she didn’t take “pea diet” any more because her husband David Beckham worried that her wife would get eating disorder from this diet.

Victoria Beckham Diet recipes

Victoria Beckham Diet recipes are: pasta, grilled fish, bueberry smoothies and salds. Which offer the necessary protein, carb, fat, fiber, vitamin and minerals. Bueberry smoothes contain plenty of Vitamin E which prevents her from aging.

I love to eat seafood and champagne, but I eat just a little of seafood. -Victoria Beckham

2. Victoria Beckham drinks coffee without sugar

Victoria drinks coffee without sugar. Black coffee is also effective to burn fat, but never take more than 2 cups of coffee a day because taking too much coffee would greatly increase the heartattack risk!

3. Victoria Beckham takes appetite suppressants

She also uses the appetite suppressants such as Tabacco to decrease the hungry feelling. But this is not a healthy way to losing weight.

Top appetite supplements (best sellers this week!)

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