Rosie O’Donnell Wows Fans With 53 Pound Weight Loss!

‘The View’ on ABC started an 18th season on Monday. With the start of the season came some new cast members, and one of them looked very different then she has before. Funny lady Rosie O’Donnell,52, rejoined ‘The View’ on Monday, and fans and viewers were stunned at what they saw. O’Donnell was 53 pounds lighter. She looked fabulous.Rosie O'Donnell Wows Fans With 53 Pound Weight Loss!

O’Donnell told the audience members, her weight loss was a matter of life and death. O’Donnell had a medical procedure called a gastric sleeve in July of 2013. She elected to have the surgery in response to a heart attack a few months before the surgery. Doctors confirmed with O’Donnell that her excessive weight was very taxing on her heart. She said she was really left with no choice, as more traditional diets had never really provided a permanent solution to her battle of the bulge. She told ABC news on the set of her show, that the weight loss journey she has gone has not been easy, it’s still been hard work the comedian said. O’Donnell went on to say “Everyone assumes that obese people would just be jumping for joy, that they were healthier and thinner and able to fit into store bought jeans. We don’t have to go to the plus size store.” However O’Donnell said there is a lot more to it then that, you have to get used to the new you, and sometimes it takes a bit of getting used to. It’s not instant jubilation she said.

She said it’s been very emotional, her weight loss journey. She said the weight loss after a life time have being very overweight, has been a very emotional experience, leaving her feeling very vulnerable. She has been going to group therapy with other woman that are facing serious weight loss issues. She said it’s helped her in her journey to feel supported. Besides therapy, she said a lot of credit goes to her wife Michelle Rounds, who has been her “backbone.” She says without her wife, she’s not sure how she would have coped with this new improved person she is left with.

O’Donnell spoke of the fact that many marriages and relationships fail once one of the partners gets healthy or losses a lot of weight. She said luckily her wife is very healthy and always has been. She was very supportive of her weight loss, and her quest for better health. She said she feels loved and supported through her journey. O’Donnell now 52, said wants to have many more years with her wife, so getting healthy was necessary, this wasn’t done for vanity she said it was done for life, and to be healthy. O’Donnell rejoined The View on Monday, after having been gone for seven years. She famously departed the show after an on-air spat with then co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck. The show now is hosted by O’Donnell, Rosie Perez, former George W. Bush staffer Nicolle Walace, and returning host Whoopi Goldberg. Sparks will continue to fly with that combination of strong women!

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Top 3 Kim Kardashian 56 Pounds Weight Loss Tips (before and after photos)

Kim Kardashian successfully lost 56 pounds after giving birth to North West just half a year ago! She recently shared her post weight loss photo in her instagram, with tight corset on, showing her tiny waist and signature hourglass figure. Check Kim Kardashian’s weight loss before and after photos below!Top 3 Kim Kardashian 56 Pounds Weight Loss Tips before and after photos

Kim Kardashian’s weight loss tips are as following,

1. Healthy low-calorie diet.

Kim follows a healthy low calorie diet that helps her lose weight. This is a low carb, high-fat ketogenic Atkins diet. The carb intake is as low as 60 grams.

2. Regular Workout that include the following,

(1) strength-training

(2) squats training

(3) cardio exercise that includes treadmill training and elliptical training.

Top 3 Kim Kardashian 56 Pounds Weight Loss Tips before and after photos 2

3. Waist training

To get the tiny waist as before pregnancy, Kim Kardashian adopted “waist training”, also called “corset diet”. This is a weight loss trend for women who want to get slim waist. Such wasit traing claims to help women get 6 inches down from their waists.

To get waist training, Kim wore a tight corset for long time, just as what she did in the photo, to make her waist smaller.

It seems it’s quite effective for Kim by comparing her before and after photos. But Some doctors are not so optimistic about such training and they warn that there’re risks link with waist training such as rib pain, digestion problems, lung diseases and constipation.

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LeBron James 10 Pounds Weight Loss in 6 Weeks Thanks to Low-Carb Diet (Before and After Photos)

LeBron James recently showed an Instagram photo showing his amazing weight loss. It’s estimated that LeBron James successfully lost about 10 to 12 pounds in 6 weeks thanks to low-carb diet. From the photo it’s evident that LeBron James drops a lot of weight in his face, shoulders and core. Find LeBron James weight loss before and after photos below!LeBron James 10 Pounds Weight Loss in 6 Weeks Thanks to Low-Carb Diet (Before and After Photos) 2

Why LeBron James lost weight?

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, LeBron James lost weight for 2 reasons:

1) He thought he was in “the worst shape he’s been in in a while,” during the last season

2) Many people questioned his official weight (This six-foot-eight player’s official weight is just 250 pounds) and thought his real weight should be 260 to 265 pounds. 

But there’re other reasons, according to James himself, losing weight is also “A preventative measure to save his knees,”

LeBron James 10 Pounds Weight Loss in 6 Weeks Thanks to Low-Carb Diet (Before and After Photos)

How LeBron James lost weight?

How LeBron James lost so much weight in short time? According to  Brian Windhorst, the most possible reason is LeBron James followed a low-carb diet following Ray Allen’s weight loss method. The reason is Ray Allen went to the training camp last year and as a better shaped Heat guy, Ray Allen’s secret is on Paleo diet. So it’s quite possible that LeBron James borrowed Ray’s weight loss diet tip.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Chelsea Houska Weight Loss, Diet and Workout Tips!

Find ‘Teen Mom 2′ Chelsea Houska’s amazing weight loss before and after photos below. The 22-year-old Chelsea Houska amazed her fans with her svelte new shape in a photo she shared on her instagram recently. Houska seems to have totally committed herself in shedding of weight in the year 2013.Although the main motivation that made her make a health kick is the break up in her relationship with Adam Lind. In the instagram picture, Chelsea wore a pair of animal print bottoms and a black bikini top.'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska Weight Loss, Diet and Workout Tips before and after

‘Teen Mom 2′ Chelsea Houska Weight Loss before and after

She recently gave her secret work out and diet to radaronline.

Chelsea Houska’s diet

As for her diet, Chelsea’s menu consists of a wholesome cuisine and regular juices. The reality star makes nutritious diet meals for herself and Aubree. The diet consists of veggie juice every morning. Aubree really loves broccoli. Her efforts and devotion to lose weight has really paid off. Another snap that Chelsea shared on Sunday shows the star lounging and relaxing in a pool on a floatation device showing full display of her toned leg. Chelsea updated on the photo ‘Yees, Sunday funday at my casa. She seemed happy.

Chelsea Houska’s Workout

Chelsea is also committed to the gym now regularly on top of her new diet. The gym seems to have really paid off. Chelsea can credit her new look and physique to her gym regular work out which she does on a daily basis. Houska works out at the gym about 4 to 5 times a week according to a reliable source who shared with the website. According to the source, the specifics of her work out are cardio, weight lifting and kick boxing.

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Top 4 Jennifer Lopez 10 Pounds Weight Loss Secrets

Jennifer Lopez succesfully lost 10 pounds recently thanks to her gluten free, dairy free diet! Now Jennifer Lopez not only looks more hot and slim, but also able to wear size 2 now! Here are the details about Jennifer’s weight loss diet designed by Marco Borges, Beyonce’s trainer, exercise physiologist Marco Borges. We will also talk about her workout tips.Top 4 Jennifer Lopez 10 Pounds Weight Loss Secrets

Jennifer Lopez 10 Pounds Weight Loss before and after photos

“I feel better when I’m in shape and taking care of myself,” “If you want other people to love you, you have to take care of yourself firs.” – Jennifer

Read: Jennifer Lopez Diet and Beyonce Diet: 22 Day Vegan Diet Plan and Recipes 

1. Jennifer’s diet is a vegan diet based diet

“Rather than ordering steak and then adding vegetables, she asks for vegetables and adds in sides of protein.” – insider

2. Jennifer Lopez’s diet is not meat free completely because she sometimes adds chicken and fish to her diet. According to Jennifer, her 70-80 percent vegan diet helps her change her life style.

 “The truth is, even if you’re 70-80 percent vegan, it’s so much better having those vegetables, greens, and plant-based stuff,” 

3. Here are Jennifer Lopez’ diet plans for a whole day

  • Breakfast: millet cereal topped with fruits such as blueberries, bananas and almond milk. (delicious low calorie diet)
  • Lunch: kale salad with red peppers (vitamin rich)
  • Snack: Cherry Chocolate Bliss Bars
  • Dinner: zucchini “pasta,” topped with vegan cheese and tomatoes.

4. Although Jennifer admits that she is “not an exercise fanatic.” There’s one fact you should not neglect, that is her 6 hour dance rehearsals! Besides dancing, Jennifer also follows Tracy Anderson’s workout method.

“Jennifer does the Tracy Anderson Method, which includes muscular structure work and between nine and 13 different exercises that change every 10 days, and dance aerobics as well,” “I keep [her butt] toned and in position. We do planks, moving the legs and butt at different angles.” – Tracy Anderson.

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Top 9 Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After)

Keli Kryfko lost 100 pounds and tranformed herself from the 230 pounds fat girl to Miss South Texas! She shared everything in her own blog and below are Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko’s top 9 weight loss tips!Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After) 4

Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko weight loss before and after

1. Keli Kryfko’s 4 positive diet choices
Keli once revealed her 4 positive diet choices:
  • Take time to plan out meals and write them down

 The first thing I do is sit down and figure out EACH meal I am going to eat for every day of the week and write it down.

  • Take time for more meal prep
  • Focus on clean foods rather than crappy ones

(When go shopping,) Avoid any extra crappy bs snackage that you think you need and you will, “only eat just one of” because that is not what’s going to happen. Trust me.

  • Don’t let cheat meals be blow out meals

Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After) 5

Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko

2. Keli Kryfko’s healthy gallon baggie meal
Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After)
This was my gallon baggie meal from last night. Grilled chicken, broccoli and two hard boiled eggs. Not pictured = I drench all of that yummy food in siracha and mustard. Yummmmmmo.
3. Keli Kryfko’s healthy breakfast idea
Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After) breakfast
Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After) breakfast 2
Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After) breakfast3 Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After) breakfast 4
4. Keli Kryfko’s Carb Masters
Keli Kryfko’s Carb Masters recipes
4g total carbs*
60 cals*
3g sugar*
1.5g total fat*
protein 9g*
Give them a try! Carmel Spice Cake* and Banana Cream Pie are my favs!
5. Keli Kryfko’s vegan diet:
Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After) vegan diet
My diet has been nothing but vegetables as of recent. I love them, they are good for you and they won’t add to my gut… it’s a win win eating ALL the veggies.
6. fish tacos and black beans
Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko 100 Pounds Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After) vegan diet 2
I ordered fish tacos and black beans and they are seriously my favorite. 
If you have a Pure Taqueria I HIGHLY recommend going. I didn’t get a marg while I was there a few nights ago but when I’m not being super strict on my diet I get one of their house margs and honestly, they are my favorite margarita in the entire world of margs. I have yet to find one as tasty!!
Anyways… I digress… lol.
7. Keli Kryfko’s rigorous workout plans
  • 30 minutes of cardio every morning
  • an hour of weight and cardio circuit training in the evening
  • make at least an hour at the gym each day no matter how busy she is
8. Keli Kryfko’s 30 minute workout routine:

– 8 plank to row
– 8 sit ups
– 8 jump squats
– 8 db thrusters
– 8 box jumps
– 8 push ups (I did power push ups)
– 8 lunges (4 each leg)
– 8 v-ups

9. Some of her workout examples
Saturday, I killed some legs. I can’t tell you how much I love getting compliments on my legs these days. Its happening more and more everyday. I also have been going on a bunch of runs and my legs feel super strong and I don’t know, just all around different then they ever have before. Is that weird? Probably.
I have been straight up killing weights to try and get my arms and legs toned. Above on the left is me (in the same outfit – yes) on May 23, 2013. Right was on the 8th of this month. So that’s a little bit of arm progress from living heavy crap. I am not where I want to be right now but starting yesterday I I started too totally revamp my workouts and nutrition and shred this summer so stay tuned for that because I am super pumped.

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Man v. Food star Adam Richman 70 Pounds Weight Loss in 10 Months Before and After!

Man v. Food star Adam Richman has lost 70 pounds! This has been 10 more pounds since September last year. Recently Adam Richman revealed to Cosmopolitan UK  of his stunning 70-pound weight loss in her special way! Just check Man v. Food star’s weight loss before and after photos below!Man v. Food star Adam Richman 70 Pounds Weight Loss in 10 Months Before and After!

Adam Richman lost 70 pounds’ weight successfully during the past 10 months, so what’s his secret to lose so much weight in short time? Here in our previous articles you can find the top 4 secrets in detail! Just read below!

Man v. Food star Adam Richman Weight Loss Top 4 Secrets Revealed!

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Debra Messing 20 Pounds Weight Loss and Her Green Juice Recipes (Before and After Photos)

Debra Messing lost about 20 lbs weight unintentionally thanks to her clean diet. Check Debra Messing’s weight loss before and after photos below! Debra told ABC news that her clean diet gave her more energy.Debra Messing 20 Pounds Weight Loss and Her Green Juice Recipes (Before and After Photos)

“I lost like 20 lbs. – it wasn’t my intention, that wasn’t why I made the change. I made the change because I was just tired all the time,” – Debra Messing

Debra Messing’s weight loss tips as following. The key of her weight loss is the green juice in the morning.

Debra Messing’s green juice in the morning recipes

Debra Messing starts every morning with her green juice. The green juice recipes are: kale, spinach, celery, ginger, lemon and cucumber.

kale and spinach and celery and ginger and lemon and cucumber,” she said. “At least I know I’m starting my day and getting a big shot of nutrients that I need. I start out strong … For the pilot, I was shooting 15, 16, 17 hours everyday. I really depended on having that juice once or twice a day. It really gave me more energy. That made an obvious difference for me, in me feeling strong.- Debra Messing

Debra Messing’s other weight loss tips and facts

1. Stay disciplined

“It’s really just about trying to stay disciplined, which has been a problem for me in the past, but so far so good,” – Debra Messing

2. The Mysteries of Laura helped her fell in love with vegan diet

3. Another fact for Debra Messing sticking to the clean diet is she found great changes from head-to-toe, not just weight loss.

“I’m just eating really, really clean healthy foods,” “Obviously I knew there was an association between what I ate and whether I gained 10 pounds or lost 10 pounds, but it never really became a reality for me that it shows on the outside in your hair and skin and even the clarity of your eyes. I was just stubborn.”

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Top 6 Cheryl Burke 15 lbs Weight Loss Tips Revealed! (Before and After Photos)

Cheryl Burke,‭ ‬30,‭ ‬first rose to fame after she participated in the seventeenth season of Dancing with the Stars.‭ ‬At that time,‭ ‬Burke weighed an astonishing‭ ‬135‭ ‬lbs.‭ ‬She was‭ ‬criticized‭ ‬for the extra flab that she had put on and thus,‭ ‬realized the importance of quickly losing weight.‭ ‬She made some drastic changes with her life and soon enough,‭ ‬she lost a whopping‭ ‬15‭ ‬lbs.‭ ‬in no time at all‭! (See Cheryl Burke’s dramatic 15 lbs weight loss before and after photos below!)Top 6 Cheryl Burke 15 lbs Weight Loss Tips Revealed! (Before and After Photos)

Posing for PEOPLE‭ ‬magazine‭’‬s Most Discussed Bodies‭’‬ special‭ ‬production,‭ ‬she confessed that she her weight has excited her since she can easily see her abs now.‭ ‬

Read on to get access to the secrets‭ ‬of her success and her top 6 weight loss tips:

1. Tiring‭ ‬practice sessions

Burke has confessed that her dance reality show really helps her shed weight every season.‭ ‬She‭ ‬said that the rehearsals and practice sessions,‭ ‬that last about eight to ten hours a day,‭ ‬are so tiring that one automatically loses about five to seven lbs.‭ ‬every time the show starts.‭ ‬Dancing with the Stars is a‭ ‬complete‭ ‬workout session in itself.‭

2.‭ ‬Vacationing

Burke says she makes sure that she does not sprawl out on her couch when she is‭ ‬on a break‭ ‬during the gap that comes between the reality show‭’‬s two seasons.‭ ‬She‭ ‬actually went holidaying in Hawaii and worked‭ ‬out‭ ‬vigorously.‭

3.‭ ‬Diet‭ ‬Control

Burke basically ate whatever she felt like eating‭ ‬– meat,‭ ‬cream,‭ ‬cheese and the like‭ ‬– but‭ ‬reduced the amount of‭ ‬food she consumed every day,‭ ‬bringing it down to half of what she would normally have.‭

4.‭ ‬Her motivational friends

While working on the show‭’‬s last season,‭ ‬she became good friends with fellow contestant Leah Remini and‭ ‬found‭ ‬her to be a‭ ‬great motivator.‭ ‬The two shared a special bong with each other and the fact that they live close-by was an added bonus.‭ ‬They would get up every morning and work out together.‭ ‬Burke feels that since she had made a commitment,‭ ‬she could not bail out‭ ‬and so,‭ ‬her‭ ‬morning‭ ‬workout regime became pretty regular.‭

5.‭ ‬Private trainer

Her personal trainer,‭ ‬Brendan Johnson has been a great motivator too.‭ ‬He used to circuit-train them frequently.‭ ‬

His greatest strength,‭ ‬according to Burke,‭ ‬is the fact that he focuses on many different forms of exercises instead of just focusing one treadmill for three hours.‭ ‬They would do triceps,‭ ‬biceps,‭ ‬abs and the like.‭

6.‭ ‬Maintaining a‭ ‬vigorous‭ ‬lifestyle

Even though Burke has to work harder to be as strong and as active as she was when she started initially,‭ ‬she is willing to put in the extra effort in order to gain a healthy and active body.‭ ‬She was twenty‭ ‬when she first began and at thirty,‭ ‬she is trying to be just as energetic.‭

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Evelyn Lozada Weight Loss: How Evelyn Lozada Lost 30 Pounds in 7 Weeks after Pregnancy? (before and after)

Evelyn Lozada, the Basketball Wives star, lost 30 pounds in just 7 weeks after giving birth to her second child. Recently she shared her slim body photos on her Instagram account. How Evelyn Lozada lost 30 pounds in 7 weeks? Find her amazing weight loss before and after photos below as well as more of her slim down tips!Evelyn Lozada Weight Loss How Evelyn Lozada Lost 30 Pounds in 7 Weeks after Pregnancy (before and after)

Evelyn Lozada’s weight loss tips are as following,

1. Sensible eating

Now she eats sensibly.

  • Evelyn Lozada’s breakfast: oatmeal or egg whites.
  • Evelyn Lozada’s lunch: “fish and veggies with a lot of sweet potato.”
  • Protein shakes, which includes the weight loss supplement youthH20.

2. Workout 3-4 times a week

Lozada does regular workout 3 to 4 times per week. Her workout routine includes a lot of cardio exercises, weight training and hiking.

“I have been sleep deprived lately and going to the gym can be hectic when you have no time in your schedule,” “But, on the days that I do have a moment, I do a ton of cardio, weight training—which I love—and hiking.”

3. Joined in the weight loss fit challenge

She joined into the 60-day Fit Challenge with GNC Live Well and has been taking weight loss supplements youthH20. On April 27, she shared her new status on her social account.

My tummy is flat and I’m almost there! Will share my secrets with you on Tuesday with my#youthH2Ofit 60 Day Challenge! #Givenchy#Chanel #JBrand #NewMommy,”

4. Willing to make changes

Evelyn Lozadan revealed on Instagram about 3 months ago of her life coach that helped her turn things and help her build a positive attitude of her life.

Evelyn Lozada Weight Loss How Evelyn Lozada Lost 30 Pounds in 7 Weeks after Pregnancy (before and after) 2

Most of you know my previous story and the turmoil that hit my life a couple of years ago. With the help of God, my life coach @tonygaskins and much needed prayer things turned around. I don’t post his quotes for “show”, I post them because this man is my REAL Life Coach. We have serious sessions and I thank you and your wife for being a beacon of hope and light that helped me to turn things – Evelyn Lozada posted on Instagram

Evelyn Lozada is very satisfied with the result.

“I’m proud of where I’m at so far,” “My body feels like it’s almost back to normal.”

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