Nobody can recover from the shock about Jovan Belcher’s death, the The Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker who killed his girlfriend and then took his own life,  their families never saw any signs or noticed any problems, and as investigations continued we found out Jovan Belcher spendt the night before he killed his baby mama with another woman? that woman has been formally identified as Brittni Glass. or it is Britney Glass?

Jovan Belcher Brittni Glass Kasandra Perkins

25-year-old Jovan Belcher shot his GF 9 times, apparently he and 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins has been separated from a couple of weeks, friends said Kasandra went to a concert with her girlfriends and that Jovan was about it, his mother who heard them arguing that morning, heard KP telling her boyfriend he could treat her that way, seconds later 9 rounds of shots were heard in the main bedroom, Jovan told Ksandra he was sorry, kissed on the forehead and left.

Then comes Brittni Glass a young girl who had been seeing Belcher for a couple of months of at least that what it seemed to her neighbors who said they seen the KC Chiefs player’s Bentley out side her home several times over the past months.

It was with Brittni Glass that the player went out to dinner the night before he killed Kasandra and then himself. After dinner he dropped Brittni to her home, he didn’t get inside but felt sleep inside his car outside her building, he was awaken by the the police at about 2:30 a.m. he then got out of the car, and walked to Brittni’s building.

Jovan Belcher Brittni Glass picJovan Belcher Brittni Glass picture

He came out a couple of hours later, drove home to Independence, MO  killed Ms. Perkins then drove to the training facility confessed his crime, thanked his coaches  for their trust in him, told them he loved them and pulled the trigger.

Jovan Belcher Kasandra Perkins home

Brittni Glass confirmed Belcher was with her the night before the killings, confirmed she wasn’t dating him, but didn’t mention why did he spend the night at her place or if they slept together that night.

“I was with him that night, that’s it,” Brittni Glass told Media.

Until this point nobody knows how does Brittni Glass looks like, here are a couple of probable pics of other Brittni Glass in case you recognize any of them, please let us know.

Thanks to our dear reader Dave, who was so kind to give up a little help, it seems that another possible Ms. Glass is out there in the Kansas City region, well this one is Britney Glass, a 23-year-old born on May 28, 1989 a graduate from Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri, (apparently the only-boys school) currently a law student at UMKC School of Law, Dave told us that this Britney who has protected her Twitter account  has lots of pics and comments from what looks to be an athlete and hip hop groupie white girl with a penchant for African American men. Looks to be just some white girl he was banging.

At least that is some of the things she posted on her Facebook page here and Twitter here

Thanks Dave!

Our readers are the best, Observer posted the real Brittni Glass’ Twitter and yes, she is the Brittni Glass with whom Belcher spend his last night with but I think her name is not Brittni Glass but Brittni Dunivan.

Not only Brittni Dunivan from Kansas City, MO has Twitter, but Facebook here, Tumblr here and Google + here, what can we tell you about her? Brittni graduated last year from Harrisonville High school

Brittni works at the Chipotle Mexican Grill

Want to see more of her?Photos

and video??