Daniella Grace Almeida is Blake Griffin’s Girlfriend

Daniella Grace Almeida is Blake Griffin’s Girlfriend

Have you met the stunning girl Blake Griffin is dating? no, we are not talking about Jasmine Shein, she is long gone. Blake’s new girlfriend is Daniella Grace Almeida check her out!

23-year-old Clippers forward Blake Griffin has been dating pretty Daniella Grace Almeida for a couple of months, she has been spotted at the Clippers games, we also saw them at Cabo, Mexico, no! wait that was Blake’s ex Bethany Gerber. But Daniella was with him just last night in L.A when TMZ bumped into them in the street.

Daniella Grace Blake Griffin girlfriend

Here is what we  know about this sexy girl..

Daniella Grace Almeida was born on May 21, she is the daughter of Rebecca and George Almeida, has one sister Ashley Hope a student at Sierra Nevada College.

Daniella Grace mother Rebecca AlmeidaDaniella Grace parentsDaniella Grace sister Ashley Almeida

Daniella had a twin sister Taylor Faith, who sadly passed away after birth, it is because of her  sister that Daniella uses her middle name Grace instead of  her last name to honor her twin.

You are probably wondering how a girl born in California, raised in a farm in Lake Tahoe has a last name like Almeida, that is because Daniella Grace is from a Brazilian, Portuguese and Italian heritage, she speaks Portuguese and Italian fluently.

Daniella Grace Almeida Blake Griffin girlfriend picDaniella Grace Blake Griffin girlfriend picturesDaniella-Grace-Almeida-Blake-Griffin-girlfriend-images

Daniella studied at the Sanford Meisner Center in North Hollywood Cali and then enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC. as a model Daniella Grace has been in  ads for JC Penney and several magazines.

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Mostly Ms. Almeida is known for her beautiful face and amazing body as she is a model, but she is beginning her new career as an actress.

Daniella Grace Sand castle

She is making her big debut as Allison Paige a social worker in Clenet Verdi-Rose’s 2013 film Sand Castle:  A Story of Family and Tragedy, which relates the story of the Daly family in Indiana that suffered the loss of their 5-year-old daughter Lauren when she was kidnapped, when Lauren returns to her family her 10 years later she finds herself living with a broken family, her mothers battles with alcoholism, her brother trying to be a grown up and she suffering from Stockholm syndrome. The movie is expected to be released on November, 2013.

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Check Daniella Grace’s photos and video below!!

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  1. Yeah either daniella tipped someone off to do such a detailed bio about her or the person who wrote this knows her very well lol


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