Novak Djokovic returned to action 48 hours after playing a five-hour larger-than-life match against Tomas Berdych in the Australian Open quarter-finals. You can bet his girlfriend Jelena Ristic was supporting him all the time.


Jelena`s boyfriend said:

I felt good enough to go another five hours.

He added:

People who don’t know tennis, who have never been in those kinds of situations, would not truly understand what the player has to go through – not just when you prepare for a Grand Slam, but also during a Grand Slam.

After five hours of a match, you need to really put a lot of time into recovery, different kind of recoveries.

I understand that many people have many different views and opinions, and I respect that. But I’m doing everything that is legal, that is correct, that is natural that I can, possibly can in my power, and it’s working well.

Djokovic closed out the triumph first rate on his fourth match point in a stressed final game.

Now that he has four Grand Slam singles titles and a World No. 1 ranking secured, everybody expects him to finally propose to his hot girlfriend.

Jelena is an old classmate of Novak. She is his sweetheart. They know each other since they were young. They made their relationship official on 2005. She is always among the crowd during the tournaments.

You can visit her Twitter here.

Jelena’s Bio

Jelena Ristic was born in Belgrade, capital city of Serbia, on June 17, 1986.

She practiced track and field and tennis. After Drinka Pavlovic grade school, she went to Sport High School where she first met Novak. Her mother Vera Ristic said that it was love at first sight. She was one year older than him.

She went to Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Novak said that she is his major support in life, his oracle which makes him calmed and stable. She was with him when he played tennis in an empty swimming pool all day because he was too scared to come on open court when Belgrade was bombarded by NATO forces in the military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, at the end of the Balkan Wars in the 90′s.

She has a Masters Degree with honors, and is looking forward for a PhD with the theme of management.

She is a quiet girl that doesn’t like publicity and loves him so much.

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