Wide receiver and Libby Offutt’s boyfriend, Randy Moss declared at the Super Bowl:

I do think I’m the greatest receiver ever to play this game.

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Randy Moss and Libby Offutt have been together since high school, and have been through one of the most chaotic relationships in sports.

Together since high school, the pair faced constant racial mocking and intimidation in Rand, West Virginia, which only escalated after their first kid was born during their senior year. Remarks from white people being disturbed about Randy dating a white woman were rumored to have started Ran-U’s well-known high school fight which cost him his Notre Dame scholarship.

Randy and Libby are still together to this day, despite the romances out of his marriage, Randy had.

Libby Offutt is relatively unknown. She deals with all this with class. She knows the great talent her husband has.

Libby’s daughter, Sydney Moss one of the four children (two daughters, Sydney and Senali, and two sons, Thaddeus and Montigo) the Moss’s have will be attending Florida to play basketball. Sidney went Ryle High School.

Libby hasn’t gotten married with Randy. Back in 1996 she was arrested after allegedly attacking her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend’s car and getting into a heated quarrel with him afterwards, causing him to get arrested as well, fortunately for them charges were dropped.

They in fact love each other, love their family, comprehend their lifestyles as not easy as they would get, they are always there for each other.

Libby is one of those rare women who despite what is their husband’s behavior, stick up to their men, no matter what. Maybe she does that to keep the family together. They have 4 kids, it is not easy to just say good-bye….She must love him still, love does forgive everything…Good luck for them.

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