DUBAI weight loss program released! It will let you know how previous for every kilogram of weight loss is! This Dubai weight loss program will offer 1 gram of gold for each kilogram of weight you lost within 1 months, a noval “weight loss for money” program. (huffingtonpost)

DUBAI Weight Loss Program DUBAI Offers A Gram of Gold for Each Kilogram of Weight Lost!

This weight loss program was created to promote people of this wealthy United Arab Emirates to lose weight as to decrease the occurance of the overweight related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterial etc, and the rising obesity was connected with not enough exercise and junk food diets.

DUBAI Municipal officials claims that they would offer 1 gram of gold for every kilogram of weight loss within 30 days.  It means $45 for every kilogram of weight! It has more limitations, such as 2 kilograms at minimum and within 30 days. But yet it will definately attracted many people to join in.