Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After: Botox, Boob Job, Nose Job and Facelift (Shocking Photos)

If Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery? Check “Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After: Botox, Cheek Implants, Nose Job and Facelift photos” below! Kim Kardashian, this 32 year old pregnant celebrity, not only did plastic surgery, she seems to have done all kinds of plastic surgeries including botox, cheek implants, nose job and facelift!

She (Kim Kardashian) has did everything from face surgery, a nose job (rhinoplasty), to breast implants to chemical peels, botox injections and even butt implants. – insider

Kim Kardashian was born on October 21st, 1980, Kim, her sisters  Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and her parents are always on spot. Through Kim Kardashian denied she had plastic surgery, the photos always tell the truth.

Kim Kardashian botox injection

Though Kim Kardashian denied nearly all of the plastic surgeries, she didn’t deny she had botox injection, but she insisted not going under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife.

But if this is real? Keep reading…

Kim Kardashian cheek implants, face injections, botox or facelift before an after

With a blend of Armenian and Scottish heritage, Kim Kardashian is in fact borned as a beautiful girl, but it seems she likes more of the fake beauty rather than the natural look. The following pictures are Kim Kardashian in different years. You can see obvious differences in these pictures and it’s very clear Kim Kardashian has done plastic surgeries such as cheek implants, face injections, nose job, botox or face lift. She is certainly did other plastic surgery to her body, I will show you in later.Kim Kardashian Before and After

(pic from realitytea)

(Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After pic)

 Kim Kardashian nose job before and after photo, as well as botox or facelift

You can tell from the following picture that Kim Kardashian did nose job to get a slimmer nose (right picture) than before, and she also had facelift or botox, that’s made her smile….so fake.

(Kim Kardashian nose job before and after photo)

Kim Kardashian Breast implant (Boob Job) before and after

If you see Kim Kardashian’s older picture before (left), you will see Kim did do boob job quite earlier.

kim kardashian boob job before and after

Kim Kardashian butt implant before and after

One of the most attractive parts of Kim Kardashian is in her butt. She certainly did butt implant as you can see what’s the difference between her curve in 2006 and the photo in 2010!

kim kardashian butt implant before and after


But there’re other opinions.

Dr. Douglas Taranow, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City’s upper east side recently revealed to Slimcelebrity that Kim might have done fat transfer to her buttocks rather than the butt implants.
“Although I have not treated Ms. Kardashian, I feel Kim may have done fat transfer to her buttocks in the past (prior to her pregnancy), but I do not believe she has any buttock implants though I feel that she may have had liposuction of her sides and back.” - Dr. Douglas Taranow

Kim Kardashian chin implant or chin liposuction before and after

Kim did chin liposuction or chin implants as you can see the obvious changes between the pictures below.

kim kardashian chin liposuction

Oh if there’re some other parts not under the knife of the cosmetic surgeons?

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