Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Breasts implants, Liposuction and Botox Injections!

Check “Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”! Sofia Vergara, this men’s sex symbol has done breast implants and she was also rumored to have done liposuction to shed fat of stomach as well as Botox injections!

Sofia Vergara Breasts implants before and after

Like many other celebrities, Sofia Vergara denied she underwent plastic surgery and even said she wanted to do breast reduction. But there’re too many pictures to prove Sofia Vergara has done breast implants!

A woman should never have it (plastic surgery) to look younger. To fix little things here and there, maybe. To look a little fresher, okay. But you’re always going to look your age… I’m a 34 DD. It’s hard to dress. No matter what I wear, I look like a stripper. – Sofia

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Sofia Vergara Breasts implants before and after photos

Sofia Vergara already had large breast! The left photo is her real breast as you can see the shape very natural and smooth. If you look at the right one, the shape of her breast is so different! And the size of her breast also enlarged too much!

Sofia Vergara plastic surgery breast implant before and after photos 2

Sofia Vergara Boob job before and after

Similar postures, different breast shapes!

Sofia Vergara plastic surgery boob job before and after photos

The following Sofia Vergara breast enlargement photos before and after clearly showed she had done breast implants, as you can see that she didn’t gain much overall weight but her breast size changed a lot!

sofia-vergara-plastic-surgery-breast-enhancement-before and after photos

Sofia Vergara Liposuction

There’re rumors that Sofia Vergara seems have taken liposuction because Tara Reid’s belly shown which always happened after liposuction. But there’s other possibility it’s the result of pregnancy. Anyhow, mini tummy tuck will help to get rid of the Tara Reid’s belly.

sofia-vergara-plastic-surgery-liposuction-before and after photos

Sofia Vergara botox

There’re also rumors that Sofia Vergara has done botox. It’s quite possible because botox is too popular now.

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