February 26, 2021

Alejandra Amarilla- Nash – Nash is Steve Nash’s wife

Los Angeles Lakers Point guard Steve Nash is in a messy legal battle with his still wife Alejandra Amarilla- Nash it seems that he doesn’t want her and their children to moved to L.A, which is strange, why would that be? Want to know more about Alejandra Amarilla?

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We all heard the nasty news about Steve Nash filing for divorce from his wife Alejandra Amarilla just a day after she gave birth to their third child Mateo, many sources began to said Nash suspected Alejandra was cheating on him, (he should know after all he was cheating on her too), so when baby Mateo was born on November 12, 2012, Steve was certain she had been cheating on him, how? Mateo is black and apparently the son of his former teammate Jason Richardson, Yikes!!!

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Paraguayan beauty Alejandra Amarilla was born to a father who was highly committed with his work with the united Nations, which meant a lot f traveling for young Alejandra. met her soon to be hubby in 2001 in Manhattan, she gave birth to her beautiful twin daughters Bella and Lola on 14 October 2004. Alejandra got married on June, 2005.

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It as rumored she found out her husband was cheating on her with a young African/ American girl, Brittany Richardson,apparently they had been seeing each other since 2010 and continue to be together now.

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Meanwhile Alejandra gave birth to her son Mateo, a day later she was hit with the divorce papers, Nash commented about it during an interview with Life & Style.

“I am very thankful and excited that we have a new son, Matteo Nash. Alejandra and the baby are doing fine. But this is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I; after five years, we are now in the process of dissolving our marriage.”

“While we have lived separately for the past several months, we remain firmly committed to raising our children in the most positive, nurturing way possible. I want only good things for Ale going forward; right now, I’m focused on ensuring that our children understand how much they’re loved and adored by us as they continue to adjust to these changes. I would ask that their privacy, and ours as a family, be respected as we move forward. This will be my only statement on this.”

No mention about Mateo not being his, unlike what media commented about, and apparently that was not true, Mateo is Steve Nash’s son and yes, he is white, the reason for the divorce is that Nash wants to start over with his mistress now girlfriend.

Alejandra Amarilla Nash son Mateo NashMateo nash Steve Nash SonMatteo Nash Steve Nash son

And why Steve doesn’t want Alejandra and the children to move to L.A? TMZ suspects that is maybe because child supports is much costly than in Arizona, however nothing has been confirmed by neither parties.

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In case you are wondering if Alejandra Amarilla is single or has a boyfriend, the answer is no she is single.

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