January 28, 2021

Alexandra del Pilar- Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend After Lennay Kekua (PHOTOS)

Manti Te’o got over the fake death of his long distance girlfriend Lennay Kekua and opened hi heart to love once again, according to Manti himself he had been dating this stunning girl Alexandra del Pilar when he found out he had been the victim of a hoax and Lennay never died and never even existed. The consequences of this fraud not only affected Te’o’s career but got dumped by del Pilar.

Manti Te'o girlfriend Alexandra del Pilar

This is 21-year-old Alexandra del Pilar, she graduated in 2010 from Trinity school at Greenland, she is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in communications at Saint Mary’s College aka “Belles” (conveniently located three miles away from Notre Dame) and where Alexandra was named Belle of the Year last November, hopefully graduating this year.

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Manti Te’o’ ex-girlfriend was born on December 6th, 1991 in Mishawaka, Indiana to Hispanic parents 54-year-old Arnold J. del Pilar and Mary Del Pilar, her family are the owners of Del Pilar Medical and Urgent Care where her father is the leading physician, her mother assist him and Ms. del Pilar works as an office assistant since 2006 and marketing and patient advocate since last year. Alexandra del Pilar has a younger brother Arnie, 19 and sister Stephanie, Alex also had an older brother Adam, who passed away on August 24, 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia. at the age of 24.

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Her job at her family’ Medical center is one of three jobs, since last April she has been a promotional advisor at Meredith Lee Party Advisor and last month she became a marketing intern at Quality Dining.

Alexandra del Pilar started dating Manti in November of 2012, but she supported him after he became angry, withdrawn, and became to freak out, about the phone call he received on December 6th, he told her everything about Lennay, not dying and not existing, finally dumped him before the news was revealed.

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Here is Alex del Pilar on MySpace and here she is on Twitter and Facebook

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