February 25, 2021

Alison Henderson is Dan Henderson’s Wife

Alison Henderson photo02

The UFC Dan Henderson who will be challenging this Saturday 23, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. His pretty wife Alison Henderson for sure will be  by his side

We know a little about Dan’s marriage and we have seen him with a young and blond girl in his pictures on Twitter , they looked like a happy family with his kids.

We also know that Dan has a reputation of Old-dog by been caught outside the Hollywood club with some girls in arms, but some said that he became a reformed family guy and he spends more time with his kids, but what about his wife?

Alison Henderson is the name of Dan’s wife or ex-wife; she is the proud momma of three children, they live in Temecula, California.

Some rumors said that he finally sing the divorce papers after a decade with his wife and now he is thinking about his future he said that is very uncertain but for the moment he likes a new home.

You can fin Dan Henderson on Twitter and Facebook.