January 19, 2021

Andrea Brown- Bonnar- UFC 153 Stephan Bonnar’s Wife

UFC 153’s main fight is the one between Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar, for sure the WAGs are also a main attraction, that is Anderson’s wife bur sadly Bonar sexy wife won’t be there as she might even give birth to the couple’s first child tonight or won’t she?

Stephan Bonnar Andrea Brown Bonnar wedding

54-year-old Stephan Bonnar from Munster, Indiana is fighting Anderson Silva almost a year since his last bout against Kyle Kingsbury at UFC 139, but if he defeats Silva he won’t be just celebrating his victory but the fact that he might be also becoming a new father pretty soon.

Bonnar’s beautiful wife is Andrew Brown Bonnar from Edina, Minnesota. She studied arts and psychology at the University of Arizona, before that she attended at Edina High School.

Andrea dated Stephan for years before their wedding in Tuscany, Italy on October 30, 2009; she is a familiar face in the UFC, I can still remember her sad face during Bonnar’s fight against Forrest Griffin in 2005 during The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale Mrs. Bonnar was not the only one crying in the stands.

Andrea Brown Bonnar Stephan Bonnar wedding picAndrea Brown Bonnar Stephan Bonnar wedding picsAndrea Brown Bonnar Stephan Bonnar wedding picture

Around the first months of this year it was reported that Andrea was  expecting their first child together, her due date is October 30, 2012 and you won’t believe what the name they are actually considering for their baby?? “Griffin”

So what if Mrs. Bonnar goes into labor early? no worries Dana White has offered to fly the new daddy in his private jet  right after his fight with Silva in Brazil.

Andrea Bonnar and her family resides in Las Vegas, she describes herself as a publicist/talent manager, Former Fox News Special Projects, Consumer & Investigative Producer.

As a matter of fact Brown Bonnar is currently a publicist, Stylist and Talent Management at Stephan Bonnar Enterprises, before that she worked at Fox News, Fox News Miami and MGM Resorts International.

Find Andrea Bonnar on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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