January 17, 2021

Andy Slocum/ Jackson Andrews: WWE Diva Rosa Mendes’ Boyfriend

Have you  heard the story about WWE Diva Rosa Mendes whose real name is Milena Leticia Roucka, told cops she is afraid her fiancée might kill her? Rosa’s boyfriend is former wrestler Steve Andrew Slocum, aka Andy Slocum or as his ring name at the WWE Jackson Andrews.

Rosa mendes Milena Roucha boyfriend Steven Andrew Slocum pics

Milena Roucka or Rosa Mendes once dated Dave Batista the 32-year-old WWE Diva credited her exotic looks to her  Costa Rican/ Czech family line. She made her debut at the WWE on  2006 when she won the Diva Search contest, was first assigned to the OVW and on March 2008 with the FCW, a year later she was moved to Raw, competed at  the Divas battle royal at WrestleMania XXV, began a relationship Zack Ryder and later his manager.

In 2010 she was move to SmackDown since last year she has been managing Primo and Epico.  Three months ago Rosa suffered a neck and back back associated with whiplash after she was involved in a multi car accident in Las Vegas.

Rosa mendes Milena Roucha boyfriend Steven SlocumRosa mendes Milena Roucha boyfriend Steven Slocum photo

And today we heard once again from her, not good news unfortunately, Mendes was under the influence of alcohol at a bathroom stall at San Antonio airports crying when she told police her boyfriend had hit  her repeatedly at their home in Las Vegas, she added that she is afraid he would kill her next time.

she was afraid [her fiancé] would try and kill her. She also stated the abuse had been an on-going thing.”

Read full story at TMZ

Now allow me to tell you what  we know about Slocum or Jackson Andrews if you prefer

Rosa mendes Milena Roucha boyfriend Steven Andrew Slocum picSteve Andrew Slocum was born and raised in College Station, Texas. On July 2007 he began his career as a professional wrestler under the ring name Cyrus under the management of Lady Poison with the Pro Wrestling Alliance PWA at his hometown. He was known for his deadly wrestling maneuvers where he opponent’s neck, lifts them up, and slams them to the mat known as chokebomb and two handed chokeslam where Slocum basically grasped his rival by his neck with both hands, then lifting them up and choking them before then throwing them back down to the mat usually after choking them out.

Jackson Andrews Steven Slocum Rosa Mendes picturesSteve Andrew Slocum Rosa mendes boyfriend photoJackson Andrews Steven Slocum Rosa Mendes pics

As Cyrus he wrestled and defeated Devin, Santana at Midsummer Madness and same with Robbie Gilmore, Samson and Nicolas by the end of 2008. The following year he signed with the WWE and became known for his new ring name Jackson Andrews he was introduce by Tyson Kidd during an episode of Raw on December, 2010 where Andrews appeared as his bodyguard.

Jackson Andrews Steven Slocum Rosa Mendes

In 2010 he teamed up with Curt Hawkins aka Brian Major (real name Brian Joseph Myers) together the defeated the South Beach Boys, The Dude Busters, The Rotundo Brothers. Alone he defeated JTG but was defeated by Goldust. In 2010 he was sent back to the FCW. Steven Slocum was released by the WWE on March 2011, along with Ted DiBiase Jr.’s brother Brett DiBiase.

Steve Andrew Slocum Rosa mendes boyfriend picJackson Andrews Steven Slocum Rosa Mendes pic

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