February 28, 2021

Anne Dickey is RA Dickey’s Wife

NY Mets Pitcher R.A Dickey won the Cy Young Award this  year, but he already has his greatest trophy at home, his beautiful wife Anne Dickey and his gorgeous children.

Anne B Dickey MLB AR Dickey wife pic

38-year-old R.A Dickey whose name is Robert Allen Dickey has talked about his childhood and painful , sexual abuse, parents divorce when he was just a child, fights at school, suicidal thoughts after he confessed his infidelity to his wife in 2005-06 in his autobiography published this year “Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball”, it also there that Dickey talks about meeting the love of his life his wife Anne, who was just an adorable 12-year-old girl in the seventh grade with thick blond curls and the most amazing green eyes, he has ever seen, Anne Dickey is the sister of his good bubby Bo  Bartholomew.

Anne B Dickey MLB AR Dickey wife pics

“On the couch, curled up with her homework, is Bo’s younger sister Anne,” Dickey writes. “She has thick, blonde hair, with curls and waves, something approaching a lion’s mane. She has a green sweater on over a white collared shirt. She has green eyes, and she is beautiful.”

37-year-old Anne Dickey has been married to her beloved husband for 16 years, together they have been thru rough times but also happy days, Anne has been his best friend, constant support and unconditional partner. Anne’s mother Vicki was a former beauty pageant queen, she grew up in a Christian family that  took her husband in their family with open arms, it was at her home that at age 13 Dickey welcome Jesus Christ into his life.

Anne B Dickey MLB AR Dickey wife photo

Mrs. Dickey was born Anne S. Bartholomew to Vicki and Sam Bartholomew, has three brothers Bo, Ben and Will. She studied at Montgomery Bell Academy.

Anne Dickey RA Dickey wedding picAnne Dickey RA Dickey wedding picture

Anne Dickey got married on December 3, 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee, she is the proud momma of four beautiful, healthy and adorable children Mary Gabriel born on February 1, 2002, Lila Anne born on June 21, 2003, Elijah Wilson 5-year-old Eli, and 1-year-old and a half son Van.

ra dickey wife anne chilren

I can honestly say that it was an incredible experience to read and write bout R.A Dickey and his family.

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