January 21, 2021

Antonella Roccuzzo is Soccer football star Lionel Messi’ Girlfriend

Barcelona and Argentina fans will agree with me on this one Lionel Messi is the best soccer player in the world, no wonder he continues to win award after award, but what we like about this young man is not just  his skills in the field or his humbleness, but his utterly hot girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo who is also the mother of his gorgeous son Thiago

Antonella Roccuzzo wiki

Pretty 22-year-old Antonella Roccuzzo was born in Rosario, Argentina. She met Messi when they were just children in their hometown as a matter of fat they were just 5-year-old when they met, Anto is Lucas Scaglia’s cousin, Lucas happens to be Lio’s best friend.Antonella Rocuzzo cousin Lucas

Ms. Roccuzzo studied Nutrition science in Argentina, and continued her studies in Barcelona when she joined her famous beau.

Antonella Rocuzzo early years picAntonella Rocuzzo early yearsAntonella Rocuzzo Lionel Messi younger years


Antonella Roccuzzo is the beautiful daughter of Jose Rocuzzo and his wife Patricia, she has two sisters who she adores Paula and Carla Roccuzzo.

Antonella Rocuzzo familyAntonella Rocuzzo sistersAntonella Rocuzzo sisters pic

Messi and Antonella’s love story didn’t blossom until Christmas ‘09 when he traveled from Barcelona to Rosario to spend the Holidays with his family and friends, among those friends was Antonella, and well, cupid as well because the love birds began to date from that day on

We heard about three years ago that they were engaged and ready to get married on February, 2010, no such thing happened, but what did happened was a cute baby bump!! Antonella found out she was expecting their first child,

Antonella Rocuzzo pregnant pic

but it was him who gave his fans the news in the way many soccer players have done it in the past, by putting the ball under his jersey to simulate a baby bump, that happened on 2 June, 2012 when Argentina defeated Ecuador 4-0 during a World Cup 2014 Qualifying match.

Lionel Messi son thiago

Adorable baby boy Thiago Messi was born on October 5th,

Lionel Messi son thiago photoLionel Messi son thiago picLionel Messi son thiago photosLionel Messi son thiago image

Check Antonella Roccuzzo’s Photo Gallery below

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