February 25, 2021

Ashlee Arnau- William Carey University Cheerleader

Ashlee Arnau william carey cheerleader half court trick

Ashlee Arnau a talented cheerleaders makes an amazing half-court trick shot during a University game against Auburn University Montgomery.

According to The Associated Press Ashlee Arnau had spent a month practicing and trying her pirouette during home basketball games. At the fifth attempt she finally success during the last game of the season.

Pretty 21-year-old Ashlee was born in 1992  her father is Rocky Arnau.  Ashlee has one brother named Joey Arnau and a younger sister named Laci Arnau both from Oak Grove High.ashlee arnau picture04

In 2010 she finished her studies at the Oak Grove High School, on 2012 Arnau’s finished her studies at Pearl River Community College, and enrolled at the William Carey University where she is a nursing student and is in the women’s soccer team.

Ashlee lives in Hattiesburg Mississippi, United States and has a 22-year-old boyfriend Andri Þór Jónsson, he is from Reykjavík, Iceland and study at the Carey University like Ashlee.

 ashlee arnau picture02Ashlee Arnau william carey cheerleader

You can find Ashlee Arnau in Facebook and Twitter.

Andri Þór Jónsson