January 23, 2021

Ashley Brown- Peterson is Adrian Peterson’s Fiancee

We are so happy for the couple Ashley Brown and Adrian Peterson who are expecting  a baby!!!

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Brown has captivated millions of males around the globe by posing in the gentlemen`s most popular review: Playboy.

The Oklahoma football player, Adrian Peterson is enrolled in the Playboy All-American team. Hember 2006 edition and next month was Ashley’s turn. She was part of the magazine’s “Girls of the Big 12″ issue.

Brown`s alias was Ashley Thompson but afterwards she appeared in public for PR ‘06.

The two hotties started dating when he was a  freshman at OU. They currently live in Minneapolis and the camera lenses captured them during a trip South Africa before the World Cup.

Ashley and Adrian are engaged but they haven’t made it public yet. We know that during a radio show  by WCCO, she was already his girlfriend.

Brown is a model and actress who was made her name in LA. Many aspiring actresses have taken pics for Playboy mag. This has helped them become popular in the media, consequently they have obtained minor roles in movies. We can mention names such as Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger, Marylin Monroe, etc. Though not only actresses or models have been bunnies. The feminist activist, Gloria Steinem worked as a waitress serving drinks in a costume. She wanted to prove the world that feminists are not the cliche women who have mustache and are tomboys. She was intelligent and beautiful.

The couple has had turns and downs during their relationship. But they are together now and that is all what matters, isn’t?

Afterall, Adrian encouraged Ashley to pose in Playboy. Peterson likes to take shot his gorgeous, tone d body. The ebony beauty appeared in the ESPN  Magazine recently.

You can follow Ashley on FB by clicking here.

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