January 17, 2021

Ashton Meem is Seahawks’QB Russell Wilson’s Wife

Yesterday the Seahawks defeated the Redskins and two men were the in the center of attention Robert Griffin for the Redskins and for the Seahawks comes their quarterback Russell Wilson, since we already know about Griffin’s GF Rebecca, Should we tell you all about Wilson’s pretty wife Ashton Meem?

Russell Wilson wife Ashton Meem Wilson

24-year-old Russell Wilson from Richmond, Virginia, is no longer described as the Rookie player among his teammates..

“I’m done referring to Russell as a rookie,” Seattle receiver Golden Tate said. “He’s not playing like a rookie, doesn’t act like a rookie. We’re 17 games in, he’s not a rookie no more.”

and here is the lucky lady married to Russell Wilson… Ashton Meem.

25-year-old Ashton L. Meem Wilson was born on September 6, 1987 in Richmond, VA the only child of Lang Meem and his wife Molly.

Ashton Meem Wilson ParentsAshton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson wife-pictures

Ashton graduated from St. Catherine’s School and then attended at the University of Georgia where she studied advertising after she graduated in 2008 Ashton enrolled at the North Carolina State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Communications in 2010.

Ashton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson wife-photoAshton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson wife-photosAshton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson wife_image

This busy, hardworking NFL WAG worked as a secretary and media marketing Intern at Lewis Media Partners around the time she graduated from the University of Georgia, then in 2009 she was an art buying and print production at McKinney, the following year she worked as an account executive at Morton Consulting LLC and since August of 2011 she became an advertising operations assistant with the American Family Insurance.

Ashton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson wife-pic

Ashton met Russell while they were attending high school, they were classmates at college.

We met briefly in high school,” she remembered. “Then again at a summer party and after that started seeing each other.” When Ashton left for the University of Georgia, they kept up the long-distance romance until Ashton transferred to Russell’s university.

She and husband got engaged on Sunday August 1st, 2010 at a restaurant at the Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, N.C.

Ashton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson wife-imageAshton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson wife-picture

I had arranged for everyone in the lobby to be quiet,” he explained. “White rose petals were strewn about, Ashton’s favorite Champagne and chocolate strawberries beckoned from the dining table. The doorbell rang and in ran Penny, the couple’s Pocket Beagle.

“She’s prissy,” laughed Ashton, who was surprised to see their pet sporting a new rhinestone collar. “Still it didn’t click,” she continued. “I read her dog tag, ‘Hey Mom, Dad has a question he wants to ask you.’”

Ashton looked over only to see Russell on bended knee. “It was amazing! My parents were outside too, with their dog!” she exclaimed.

The wedding day came nearly two years later on Jan. 14, 2012 at the Country Club of Virginia, She and her hubby live in North Carolina with their two adorable dogs Penny their pocket beagle and Cali a dachshund.

Ashton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson dogsAshton Meem Wilson Russell wilson wedding photosAshton Meem Wilson Russell wilson wedding photoAshton Meem Wilson Russell wilson wedding pictureAshton Meem Wilson Russell wilson wedding picAshton Meem Wilson Russell Wilson wife pictures

You can find Ashton Meem Wilson on Facebook here, Twitter here and check her blog here.