February 28, 2021

Avi Alvarado is Rockets James Harden’s Girlfriend!!!

Baller James Edward Harden, Jr. seems to have a distinctive kind of type for the females in his romantic relationships that is…Former Oklahoma City Thunder boy; reportedly trade one voluptuous girlfriend, rapper Trina for another bigger one??? Check out the revealing pics!


The 23 year old who is now playing for the Houston Rockets recently signed an $80 million contract extension for 5 more years and he is dedicating to do what any other 23 year old with that kind of money would do: Spend it! What a sweet deal huh!

L.A native is known to hit the stripper clubs as often as he hits the court so is no big shocker one of the places his new money will be going is to the hands?? of a stripper, but one in particular has caught his attention, that would be curvy and thick girl Avi Alvarado, they both openly exchanged twits after their encounter.

Alvarado who’s real name is Jasmine Taylor is a Houston stripper or exotic dancer if you will…I’m not sure about the proper term in the stripper world and we don’t have a lot of info about her but one thing is for sure she absolutely loves to take pictures of herself and all kinds of them!

Harden was very generous with his new friend since he show the money for her as she even took pictures of it and twitted as “blessed” He certainly knows how to make them feel special.

avi alvarado-photos

So the question is are they together or not? The prominent vixen Avi Alvarado feels lucky to have met him as we can see but are they an item? Do you see them together or even getting married? Who says you can’t find true love on a crazy night? Or is it just maybe her 5 minutes of fame…you tell me.

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