February 28, 2021

Brittany Richardson- LA Lakers Steve Nash’s Girlfriend

We could audience this past week was Steve Nash’s big time. He had his first introduction with the media, being proud of the bicolor uniform. Afterwards, he went to the ESPYs at the Nokia Theater together with his GF who was the one who stole the attention of the public: Brittany Richardson.

brittany-richardson pic

They are a couple for one year now. They were seen together when they went to the NBA Finals and ABC cameras were narrowing their focus point toward their seats.

23-year-old Brittany Richardson posted on Twitter (click here)  on Wednesday that she wasn’t unaware she was invited to the ESPYs but when she found out she had no idea what to wear and what people would think of her. We all know all the reviews where only thumbs up!

Nash got his divorce back on November 2010 and wished to transfer with the Lakers so he could be able to see his kids who live in AZ.

After Nash divorced, people started making up stories that his ex (Alejandra) had cheated on him after their last kid was born. It was even suggested he was not the real father of the baby!  This was juts a rumor cuz he is the real father of the kid.

But the gossips were not only for Alejandra but it was also heard that Brittany was the cause of the couple split. They were dating when he was still married. Actually they started dating on July, 2010…. make up your numbers, Alejandra was 3 months pregnant.

We must admit Nash’ girl Brittany Richardson is cute and young…

Steve has improved his attire with his new GF. At the GQ Men of the Year Party, he wore an impeccable suit.

The couple have their own business in Canada. He is the big boss of the Canadian National Team and Brittany tried some luck with Muzic Nightclub in Toronto.

You can see Brittany on the picture above wearing a stunning, classy electric blue dress.  Though she looked so confident, she wasn’t..she wrote this in her Twitter:

I was so nervous I looked thrown together!!! Thanks for the love. xo

She was born to in a military family, her father served in the Army,