January 25, 2021

Chanel Johnson is Bode Miller’s Baby Mama #1

Ski racer Bode Miller has file two separate lawsuits against his two lawsuits against his two baby mamas, one is still pregnant and then comes this girl Chanel Johnson who is the proud momma od Miller’s 4-year-old daughter Neesyn Dacey.

Chanel Johnson Bode Miller Baby mama-photos

This pretty young woman is 29-year-old Chanel T. Johnson born on November 25th, 1983, to Greg and Sylvia Johnson, Chanel has two siblings  Liesa and Luke. Her mother 56-year-old Sylvia Uruchurtu Johnson works at the Valley Center High School.

According to Bode, he and and Chanel Johnson became friends and dated a couple of years ago, she gave birth to her adorable daughter Neesyn Dacey on February 19th, 2008, at Palomar Medical Center;  Chanel chose Neesyn and Bode chose Dacey, he revealed he had a daughter a year after Neesyn’s birth.

“I was not trying to keep it a secret. If someone asked, I would talk about it but no one ever really brought it up,” Miller wrote on his personal journal on Universalsports.com Friday. “I don’t mind sharing a little bit but I like to keep my private life private for the most part.

“My daughter’s name is Neesyn Dacey but everyone calls her Dacey. Her mom chose Neesyn and I chose Dacey after she was born. The mother is a good friend of mine who I was seeing a while ago. We are no longer together.”

“We were kind of already doing our own thing when she found out she was pregnant. We are just really good friends trying to be good parents. I obviously would have liked it to be an ideal situation where everything is planned and perfect, but it seems like a lot of stuff doesn’t work out that way. I’m happy the way it is.”

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According to an article at the New York Times published last June Chanel Johnson got married last year, she goes by the name of Chanel Pugh, she ad her new hubby William have a baby daughter.

TMZ reported Miller filed a lawsuit against Chanel, he is seeking  joint and physical custody, and child support payments.