January 22, 2021

Charlotte Deon is Jo- Wilfried Tsonga’s Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

We are all excited about the Grand slam quarterfinal tennis. The possible quarterfinal match among Roger Federer and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga is a must to see. And I wouldn’t be the only one interest to see but Tsonga’s stunning blonde girlfriend, Charlotte Deon who’s most probable to be screaming among the crowd.


The Australian Open is where it all began for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga five years ago. He was a young 22-year-old, when he participated for the first time in Melbourne, and he made it to the finals.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga looks quick and all set to smack Roger Federer in their quarterfinal match on Wednesday night.

Tsonga is ready to show the world all his potential. When Jo plays with Roger, it is a tennis masterpiece..Enough said!

Their roads to the quarters have been considerably diverse.

Roger Federer needs his star game to defeat French Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

But Jo has someone in the public who will be supportive and this can be something helpful for him. We are talking about the blonde bombshell, Charlotte Dean. She is always smiling but is close when referring to her private life. You can often see her with Evelyne, her mother in law.

Last year, a French source stated that Charlotte was no longer dating Jo. That’s because she wasn’t seen at Winbledon.

We can’t confirm that since she will never talk to the press about her relationship with Jo.

Anyways… We hope to see Charlotte during this match since this is one of Jo’s most important games on this tournament.

If so, we will the first to post the most recent pics of this beauty on our site so all you guys can delight of this eye candy.

No wonder she was ranked among the top 20 most beautiful women who have athletes as boyfriends.

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