January 18, 2021

Corban Fennel is San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick’s Ex-Girlfriend

Experts say Colin Kaepernick keeps Super Bowl dreams alive for the 49ers fans. But Corban Fennel must have changed to the team against her ex-boyfriend.

Corban-Fennell pic

This season has seen the sport animated by quarterbacks who are as well-known for their running as their passing. Kaepernick carries the blaze for the youthful generation of QBs who can run like the wind speed.

Just a few weeks ago dispute had raged over if Jim Harbaugh was OK to sideline Smith for his young substitute Colin Kaepernick. That argue has gone clearly silent following Kaepernick stunning performance against Green Bay. This is just the start!

Corban must be still upset about what Colin did to her. After he split with her despite all her support to him when he was not that successful…dumping her for another women after his luck changed was low…

Remember what she posted in Twitter?

loyalty love and trust are almost completely dead smh I hate it there’s only a few of us who still know how smh :(— Corban (@coco_mari3) January 6, 2013

All I wana do is move to Vegalow…s and rage out every other weekend and wife a stripper chick and make her call me daddy! Is that 2much to ask?!— Corban (@coco_mari3)

Corban is a Business Mkt. student. The truth is that she is better off without him. Have you seen her pics? This girl is gorgeous! She got a great physique and her face is cute. She is young and as soon as she ends school she will have  many job opportunities along.

She will laugh back when she looks what she left behind including the 49ers QB…Besides, is better that they have broken up at this point since his rise as a football star just begins. It would have been unbearable for her to see infidelities in the near future.

You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here.

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