February 28, 2021

Courtney Eckhart is LaMichael James’ Girlfriend

LaMichael James (BF of hot blondie Courtney Eckhart) Is a celebrity in the creation for the 49ers, cuz hewas a simple 3-star draft who was the 40th ranked running back in his group. Many collegiate programs looked at his size and said:

Oh he’s too small to withstand the weekly punishment of a full-time back.

courtney-eckhart pic

He was only 5’9” and 185 pounds in his senior year at Liberty-Eylau high school in Texarkana, Texas. Yet he led his squad to a Texas 3A state title and rushed for 2,043 yards. He also scored 26 all-purpose touchdowns on his way to an all-state selection.

TCU, Nebraska, Mississippi State, Minnesota, Houston, Baylor and Oregon demonstrated huge importance in the southern speedster.

He ended up being Mississippi State. After James left Oregon on January 1, 2008 he was sold.

After an active freshman promotion, James was in problems in 2010. He pled culpable to physically harassing his girlfriend on February 15, 2010. He received 24 months trial and was forced to sit out the first game of the season by Coach Kelly.

The 2011 season brought a propos more individual records that fell at testimony. James averaged an astonishing 12.4 yards per carry while amassing 1,805 yards rushing, which helped make him Oregon’s all-time leading rusher.

James once said:

I feel like I’m leaving with a bang.

James will be a star in this group and will be the countenance of the 49ers’ backfield for years to come.

He also has a beautiful girlfriend, Courtney Eckhart. The cheer team she belongs to is rated as among the very best in the Nation College or pro.

Courtney’s facts

She has been cheering for Oregon since 2007. She was born and raised in Corvallis.

She said she chose Oregon because, in her own words :

What was perfect about the University of Oregon was that it was close to home, but also far enough away that I was able to learn and grow on my own. I was always taught that if you wanted something bad enough, not to let anything stand in your way, so being from Corvallis was not going to stop me in my dream of becoming an Oregon Cheerleader!

Obstacles she had to face; we quote her:

As far as obstacles, I didn’t really have anything that I had to overcome, well maybe one…some of my friends and family were a little bummed that I wanted to go to Oregon instead of Oregon State! They soon got over it once they experienced the energy of Autzen Stadium though!!

She says she is aware of this on the sidelines:

One of the greatest perks of being an Oregon Cheerleader is getting to experience all the action up close!!! As a cheerleader for Oregon, each team member needs to know a great deal about each sport, so when on the sidelines you definitely have to be aware of what’s going on in the game. And let me tell you, when you’re right there you tend to get so involved in the game that sometimes you forget that you have a job to do too!

Her favorite memory has been:

In the four years I cheered, I had the privilege of traveling to the Holiday Bowl, Rose Bowl, and National Championship. I also participated in the opening ceremonies of the Matthew Knight Arena, which was amazing!!!

Her advice to future cheerleaders:

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without being a part of such a wonderful, well-known program. My advice to the other young ladies, and gentlemen, is this–make sure to appreciate and enjoy every moment, as it goes by so fast.