January 20, 2021

Cristina Ferro is Lawrence Taylor Underage Accuser

Cristina Fierro is a name we first heard in 2010,, when she was 16 at that time and described as the underage prostitute accusing Lawrence Taylor of sexual assault. Remember her?

Cristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor

Back in May, 2010 when the whole LT’s sex with an underage prostitute began Cristiana Fierro was only described as CF, she denied being a prostitute and said she was forced into it, by a pimp identified as Rasheed Davis who also  hit her in the face leaving her with  a swollen face an a black eye. Davis was sentenced to 7 years in prison in New York last November.

Rasheed Davis Cristina Fierro pimp

According to Fierro who thinks of herself more like a sex trafficking victim said Taylor requested a prostitute to his room at a hotel, when she got there, he thought she was 19 and Fierro didn’t know who he  was, she went into the bathroom and call her uncle to call 911.

In the bedroom with Taylor on top of her she hoped to hear from the cops knocking on the door, but that never happened.

I was waiting for shadows to come and banging on the door to come get me. Having him on top of me felt like I wasn’t making a difference because of how big he was compared to me.’

Fierro told him it was her first time, he told her to relax, the whole thing was “It was really rough and painful”, she suffered from depression, anxiety and insomnia for months after that.

Cristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostitute photoCristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostitute-photoCristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostitute-photos

When he was done, he paid her $300 and asked to turn the t.v off on her way out. A rape-kit showed the semen of two men on Cristina Fierro one of them was Taylor’s.

Lawrence Taylor Underage Prostitute trial

Lawrence Taylor is serving a six years probation after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute for having sex with Cristina Fierro now a 19-year-old married young woman.

Christina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostituteCristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostitute-picCristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostitute picturesCristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostitute picsCristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostitute-picsCristina Fierro Lawrence Taylor underage prostitute pic

Taylor lives in Broward County, Fla with his wife Lynette Taylor since 2007.

Lynette Taylor Lawrence Taylor wife