January 19, 2021

Cynthia Castillo is Hector Macho Camacho’s Girlfriend

It seems that Puerto Rican boxer Hector Macho Camacho had a girlfriend by the time of his death, her name is Cynthia Castillo, you probably heard about her getting into  fight with Macho’s ex-girlfriend Gloria Teresa Fernandez.

hector macho camacho girlfriend cynthia castillo

According to Cynthia Castillo she was the woman dating Hector Macho Camacho by the time he was killed in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, so it was pretty normal for her to show up at his funeral and said her final goodbye to her boyfriend, with a kiss on the lips, but a former girlfriend of Camacho Gloria Teresa Fernandez did not approved and a nasty fight between the two  women began.

cynthia castillo hector macho camacho girlfriend photoscynthia castillo hector macho camacho girlfriend photocynthia castillo hector macho camacho girlfriend image

50-year-old Gloria Teresa Fernandez said she was not Hector Camacho’s current girlfriend but she did date him 25 years ago, they remained close friends and it was because of their friendships that she did all the arrangement to fly his mother Maria Matias from New York to Puerto Rico.

Hector Macho Camacho ex girlfriend gloria Teresa Fernandez picHector Macho Camacho ex girlfriend gloria Teresa Fernandez pics

Perhaps she was not that close to Macho Camacho because she did not know that Cynthia Castillo was his girlfriend, or he decided to keep that part of his life to himself.

However one person close to the late boxer did know Castillo and her romantic relationship with Hector, that would be Angie Garcia former manager of Camacho who said that she talked basically everyday with Hector and he told her he was having a relationship with Cynthia Castillo, adding that Gloria was indeed an ex-girlfriend and then friend of the boxer.

Hector Macho Camacho angie Garcia

“Gloria Teresa Fernández es una amiga del Macho Camacho que tuvo una relación íntima con él cuando eran muy jóvenes. Ahora, al final, me consta que eran solamente amigos porque Camacho me hablaba de sus novias y amigas y me consta que estaba teniendo relaciones con esa muchacha, Cynthia, al final porque realmente yo hablaba con Camacho prácticamente todos los días”,

cynthia castillo hector macho camacho girlfriend piccynthia castillo hector macho camacho girlfriend picture

28-year-old Cynthia Castillo from Cataño, Puerto Rico said she was Hector Macho Camacho’s girlfriend, she had been living with him for three months, and not a cousin as media said she was.

“Él era mi pareja. No soy la primera de él (de Camacho), (pero) yo era la pareja actual. Estuve conviviendo con él tres meses. A la que no le gusta, que no se la coma”, dijo Castillo.

“Ellas me tiraron y eso no se hace. Lo que tienen que hacer es darme las gracias, yo estuve en todo momento con él”, añadió.

“He was my partner, I am not his cousin but the current girlfriend of Macho Camacho and if he was here, this wouldn’t be happening, and whoever doesn’t like it, deal with it”

They (Fernandez and Camacho’s sisters) kicked me out, they shouldn’t have they should thank me, since I was by his side all the time.

Castillo had scratches all over her neck and arms she said Gloria, and Hector’s sisters threw a plate to food at her, after she refused to leave. Fernandez said it was Castillo who threw a plate of food at Camacho’s sister, and apologized to the fans for what happened.

gloria fernandez cynthia castillo fight hector camacho funeral

Maria Matias Macho’s mom, said Cynthia Castillo was a dangerous girl, she is wanted by authorities in Puerto Rico and that Cynthia wanted to be her son’s girlfriend just because. Macho’s ex-wife Amy didn’t fly to Puerto Rico

Cynthia Castillo said Hector’s son Machito was the one asked to see his father and the one who allowed her into the private section reserved to the family, Machito denied her statements.

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