January 16, 2021

Dalia Jacobs Concentrates On Parenting Child With Joseph Randle

Dalia Jacobs the twenty something ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboy running back Joseph Randle, is trying to be a good mother to their young child. Back in February, Jacobs filed a domestic violence protection order against Randle in Texas. Although Randle has not yet been arrested on the abuse allegations, Jacobs has been trying to move on with her life. Jacobs and Randle along with a group of other people were at a Wichita, Texas hotel in February, supposedly discussing child custody arrangements, as the couple are no longer together. While the pair were at the hotel Jacobs has said she started to feel uncomfortable when Randle started yelling at the people in the hotel room.

Jacobs grabbed her young child and went to the parking lot of the hotel with another woman. As she was putting her son in the car, she looked up and Randle was standing over, with a gun pointed at her. Jacobs told her story to news outlets, she said Randle waved the gun at her and the woman and made threats that he would shoot out the tires of the car. Jacobs says she begged Randle to stop because their son was in the line of fire. Jacobs at the time said, “I just couldn’t image my son being shot to death by his own father.” Jacobs said Randle finally walked away as she got into the car, and then some more scary moments would follow.

Jacobs said, ” Joesph put his gun up, he walked back to the car, he looked at it, and he just punches it with his fist. Glass was splatters everywhere. There is glass in my son’s hair, it hit him and that’s when he started crying.” Both of the women called the police, Jacobs says a friend that was with Randle drove off with the gun. Jacobs says she just grabbed her son and said “I hope you’re ok baby.” Jacobs said she feared her son may have received cuts from all the glass scattering. Jacobs told authorities that this time the violence got way too far. The fight in her opinion was the culmination of a months long battle she had been waging against  Randle.

Jacobs says she has been battling Randle in family court for months over his lack of paying child support for several months. Jacobs says that she has been pushing the state of Texas to pressure Randle into paying all the back support that he owes. She first went to the state in March of 2014, and in October she says the Department of Children’s Services contacted the Dallas Cowboys to verify Randle’s employment and income, however the agency never heard back from anyone in the Cowboys. While it is general knowledge that Randle does play for the team, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, Jacobs and her son are living off the state. On the day of the hotel incident Randle was served with child support paper work. Randle was incensed and took to his social media account and posted the child support paper work. In the invoice in ridiculed Jacobs. Several open court cases are pending against Randle.