October 22, 2020

Dayane De Souza is Bruno Fernandez De Souza’s Wife! (photos, wiki, bio)

Former goalkeeper of Brazilian club Flamengo has admitted to have arranged the death of his mistress …what part does wife Dayane De Souza plays in all this? Victim or partner in crime??

bruno_souza family

No question about the real victim here would be Brazilian model Eliza Samudio who was allegedly reduced to dog food!!! That is right it wasn’t enough to kill her but I guess you have to think about where to hide the body as well…that if you are a degenerate psycho  killer!!! or a movie director who will make a psycho movie!!! And apparently also if you are a Brazilian soccer star who cheated on his wife and things of course went wrong because there is this little word called consequences!

Not being enough to kill this woman who would become the mother of his child, a baby boy named Bruno. But her life was cut to pieces and served as any other kind of meat with bones your pet would eat!

The 28 year old former player has been accused of masterminding the horrific facts. As he find out Samudio was pregnant he first tried to talked her out of “it” as if a child could be reduced to “it” and tried to force a pill for her to miscarriage! What a beast! Samudio did pressed charges against him for this.

So why all the scandal to make her disappeared? Well fiery Bruno did not want to pay child support for Eliza’s baby as she was trying to prove he was the father.

No what about Mrs. De Souza? Dayane Carmo Souza Rodrigues now 26 met Bruno in Ribeirão das Neves, Grande BH when they were teenagers she was 12 and he was 14 years old  before he became famous. They got married when she was 17 and he was 19 years old. They have two daughters, Maria Eduarda and the youngest Bruna Victoria . He might have been her first boyfriend but think again for Bruno as he cheated several times with different women until model and porn actress Eliza came to his life, and changed it all for the couple. Dayane might be facing some charges as well since she is being accused of having abandoned her husbands and Samudio’s baby boy at at slum, I guess being married means “support him in good and bad” now baby is being taken care of by Samudio’s mother.

Eliza was kidnapped from Rio de Janeiro on June 4, 2010 and was tortured by the soccer idol before ultimately and without thinking it twice killed her. At the time he said he had a “clear conscience” All I can say is justice might take some time but it will get you anyways and now justice has been served for Eliza.