February 25, 2021

Delanie Walker’s girlfriend Racine Lewin

We have simply few days left from the best game of the season. Delanie Walker whose girlfriend is Racine Lewin, is one of the serious mis-matches that the Ravens will only be capable to struggle by making Bernard Pollard help in coverage with the Ravens run focused linebackers.

Delanie Walker's girlfriend pics

We’ll observe if the 49ers can confirm that spirit will only go so far in the pursue for the Lombardi Trophy.

Delanie Walker’s girlfriend Racine Carmel is a hot model and student. Racine professes and thanks life for the love for Delanie.

Racine often tweets about her bf’s games, once she celebrated a TD on 10/16, which also happened to be the date of one of Delanie’s 3 TDs on the 2011 season.

Delanie once said that his girlfriend Racine makes a great chocolate chip cookie.

Racine has been modeling ever since the age of years old, she began by modeling for a chain store catalog. She is half-Sicilian, half-Kentuckian has stayed in the business since, but went to educate herself at San Diego State University, and quoted once that there are plenty of career paths in the modeling world, that going back to prepare herself was a necessary progress to make for her profession pathway.

Lewin’s Facts

Racine is 29 years old and is from San Francisco, California.

She is 5′ 7″ and weighs 130 lbs. Her measurements are 32″ -26″ -37″

She is size 4 and her shoe size is 9.0.

She has blonde, long hair. Her eyes are green. She also has olive skin.

The genres she work for modeling are:
Fit Modeling
Spokesperson / Host

She explicitly avoids any nudes. Delanie must be thanked for this!

You can visit her FB by clicking here.

Her Twitter access, here.