January 28, 2021

Dianne Helne is Antonio Bryant’s Baby Mama

This is Dianne Helne, she is the baby mama of the former NFL wide receiver Antonio Bryant who was  arrested and charged with domestic violence after he kick and tried to straggle Dianne while she was holding their young son in her arms.


31-year-old Antonio Bryant was released from jail after he posted a $15.00 bail, he has been charged with charges that include domestic battery by strangulation, domestic violence and culpable negligence. In 2007  while he was not playing with any team he failed a drug test. Bryant from Florida who is currently a free agent was  drafted during the 2002 NFL Draft by the  Dallas Cowboys, he also played with  the Cleveland Browns, the 49ers, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati Bengals and if he would have suffered a leg injury he would have been playing with the Seattle Seahawks.

Now let’s find out more about his girlfriend and baby mama Dianne Helne, who after the attacked she suffered on April 10th ended up with a swollen lip, ripped skin from inside her mouth, scratches on her neck and arms, The result of the heated argument that turned physical  after Bryant hit her in the mouth and tried to strangled her all while she was carrying her child in her arms. He told her to put the child down but the attacked continued.

Read police report here.

Dianne and her estranged baby daddy are in the middle of a paternity suit where Bryant seeks at least partial custody of their son.

25-year-old Dianne Helne from Sunrise Road, Florida was born in March 18th, 1987. She went to McArthur High School in Miami, FL.

She likes  music by Ne-Yo, Monica, Young Jeezy, her favorite book is Act Like a lady, Think Like A Man, favorite t.v show is CSI: Miami and film is Avatar. Dianne enjoy playing volleyball and open water swimming. Ms Helne’s Facebook page has bee deleted.

antonio-bryant-mugshotDianne Helne Antonio Bryant baby mama photoDianne Helne Antonio Bryant baby mama pic