January 28, 2021

Dionne Boldin- Anquan Boldin’s Wife

For all the talk about the heroics of Dionne Boldin’s husband, Anquan Boldin, the Ravens would not be preparing for the 49ers in the Super Bowl this Feb. 3 lacking the resurrection of the defense, which has allowed only 17 second-half points in three playoff games.

Dionne Boldin photograph

The modern Ravens defense may be every fragment as flexible, surviving a sluggish start and a slay of injuries to be in peak form in the postseason.

Ravens coach said:

We weren’t a very fundamentally sound defense early on and that’s why we had struggles.

That doesn’t happen overnight, and we were moving guys in and out. We had injuries. [Pees has] done a great job of making game-plan choices and decisions that have been really effective strategically against the people we’ve played. You saw that play out [against the Patriots]. Carry Williams mentioned that it was a pretty straightforward game plan, and it was. The guys executed it really well. To me, that’s what a great coach, a great teacher does.

Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin describes himself to be the ideal husband

He said:

I do everything except cook. I wash, fold clothes, I clean up, I’m a big neat freak.

Dionne Boldin is his former high school sweetheart. The pair has been married since 2009. Their first date was to the movies, which Anquan says he asked Dionne’s parents’ permission to take her out. Boldin says that it’s vital for the two of them to keep time open in their agenda for just the two of them.

Anquan and Dionne attended Florida State together after high school, and have two sons, Anquan Jr., “AJ” born in 2004, and Ashton, born in 2010. Dionne now serves as an event planner for Anquan’s charity, “The Anquan Boldin Foundation,” whose mission statement reads:

The Anquan Boldin Foundation is dedicated to expanding the educational and life opportunities of underprivileged children.

Dionne and Anquan first met as kids, while they were in the fifth grade in Florida, but they didn’t begin dating until high school.  They dated all through high school and college for a sum of 10 years before they in fact married.

One morning upon waking, Dionne found an engagement ring waiting for her on her nightstand that Anquan tactically left for her to find.  They went on to have a tiny immediate-family-only wedding in Jamaica (Dionne is Jamaican) that included rock climbing that the entire family got to take pleasure in.

Anquan and Dionne founded the Anquan Boldin “Q81” Foundation during his sophomore season with a task to bring optimism to deprived kids.  Well known throughout the confederation for his work ethic, his personality, and his professionalism, Anquan is also known for his openhandedness in giving back to the society as evidenced by his altruistic activities in both Arizona and his home state of Florida.  This past summer, Pahokee Middle/High School named their playing field the Anquan Boldin Stadium.

The foundation handles:

Dental Care

Life Insurance for poor families to pay for their children’s education should the mother or father pass away.

Home energy program

Special events and gifts during the holidays.

Dionne is not only altruistic but also a fashionista!“The Diamond Duchess” has been custom tailoring and embellishing the official jerseys and wardrobes of her.

You can see her Pinterest here.