February 26, 2021

Drick Parrish is Frank Gore’s girlfriend

Get ready for some quality football time this weekend on the most viewed game of the nation: The Super Bowl!!! Bigger rushing impact on Sunday: Ray Rice or Frank Gore (with secret GF: Drick Parrish)?

frank gore pic

Gore is averaging 27.0% more rush yards per match than Rice this postseason on almost the same number of carries per game. And, the 49ers rush defense has been the stingiest in the postseason, allowing 38.7% less rush yards than the Ravens.

But I also mentioned his unknown girlfriend right? In 2010, San Francisco 49er running back Frank Gore was dating somebody named Drick. Frank and Drick end up having a kid together which makes the events in the rest of the anecdote even more cheering.

Frank is known for being a womanizer….Someone mentioned there was someone named Marshel who was trying to hit on him…who knows if this is true or not…There is another groupie named Razada but it seems the only one who is stable with him is Drick. Apparently they are living together already.

There is not that much info to be found over Drick. Some jealous chicks who would like to date Frank just talk beef of her through some blogs but as far as we know, nobody knows who she is….It must be just gossip or if it is true that she is his girlfriend, then this girl is a good secret keeper. She is not going around telling everybody out there that she is Gore’s girlfriend or as rumors say, they have a baby together.

If I have a boyfriend, I love to tell the world I have someone, but that is me, not all women enjoy doing so. Sometimes men need their space and when they are ready to announce everybody they are committed to someone, they do the job, girls don’t need to do anything.