March 8, 2021

Elie Taktouk- Daniella Semaan’s ex-Husband

We all know who is Daniella Semaan also known as Daniela Semaan and Cesc Fabregas’ girlfriend. Well as we heard before Semaan is a divorced woman and a mommy of two, her ex- husband Elie Taktouk has remained mum about her ex- wife’s new famous relationship but Taktouk has broken his silence and what he said ain’t pretty.

Elie Taktouk Daniella Semaan pic

38-year-old Elie Joseph Taktouk is letting all of his anger come out and the person he blames is his ex-wife new younger boyfriend Cesc Fabregas who has been dating Daniella since last June.

Taktouk and Semaan from Lebanon were 24 when they got married in 1998, they welcomed their daughter Maria Taktouk in 2001 and son Joseph in 2004.

Elie-Taktouk-daniella-semaan-ex-husband-childrenDaniella Semaan daughter MariaDaniella Semaan Elie Taktout children picsDaniella Semaan Elie Taktout children picDaniella Semaan Elie Taktout sonDaniella Semaan Elie Taktout daughter

Elie said he and his wife were trying for a third child when he saw the pictures taken by the paparazzi of his wife with Fabregas in Nice, France, by that time nobody knew her name as just described her as a mysterious brunette, but Elie Takok knew that woman in bikini was no other than his wife of nearly 13 years.

“I was completely numb and in shock for months. I was in denial but I never wanted her back.”

“The minute I saw those pictures I felt disgusted by her behavior and just cut off all emotions. We were trying for a baby when this happened.”

“I am not surprised by him — I wouldn’t expect less from him. I am not interested in him.”

The couple got divorced and share custody of their children Maria, 11 and Joseph 8, he agreed on giving Daniella £2,500 a month although he said she was asking him for £10,000.


Elie Taktouk a 6′ 1′ famous entrepreneur lived in Miziara, Lebanon before moving to Knightsbridge, West London he is among the 12 famous wealthy resident in Chester Square; he is known for his luxurious and exquisite Belgravia properties.

You can find Elie Taktouk on Google+ here, an old Wayn page here, Elie was just 28 when he created this profile.

Elie is sure his ex-wife Semaan will dump Fabregas as soon as his career ends.

“He is 25 and a fool. She went after him and she would leave him as soon as his money and fame run out. He is no David Beckham.”

Elie Taktouk Daniella Semaan picElie Taktouk Daniella Semaan

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  1. Hi, as a huge fan of Cesc Fàbregas and his girlfriend, Daniella Semaan, I was interested at looking at this article but I noticed a mistake. Daniella’s daughter, Maria is not 11 and born in 2001 as you say. She has the same birthday as me so I know she was born on October 20th 1999 and is 13 years old. She also confirms this on her twitter bio incase you don’t think I’m correct. Also, her son, Joseph I think is 9 years old so would have been born in 2003. I’m not sure about that though. Thank you, just trying to help anybody else who reads this!

  2. I think miss Semaan is looking for fame and I do agree with her ex husband that she will dump her new lover once his career ends.
    Anyway her husband did not loose a lot when he divorced her;she would have left him for another game opportunity any way

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