January 20, 2021

Elizabeth Barry smith- SF 49ers Alex smith’s Wife

Alex Smith who lost his career to Colin Kaepernick is amongst those most impressed by what Kaepernick has accomplished this season. But having Elizabeth Barry by his side makes things go smoother.

Alex-Smith-Wife pic

Elizabeth’s husband said:

It’s the lack of young mistakes that has really jumped out at me.

Most young guys come in – yeah, they show flashes, and they think they can play good at times. But then they also seem to have those young moments as well, you know, rookie moments and kind of boneheaded things.

And he hasn’t done it. He’s played good ball. He’s really played patient and played smart.

Smith was having the most excellent season of his career, when he suffered a concussion and the week after that, coach Jim Harbaugh decided to keep Kaepernick over a strong Alex.

This Super Bowl could be the very last time Smith is in a 49ers uniform.

With the light wind expected to be alive on quarterbacks, Smith could get bounty interest.

In regards Kaepernick took his place, Elizabeth’s husband says:

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little bittersweet.

Yeah, I want to be out there. It’s what you work for coming into the season. That was the mindset; that was the goal for me.

But at the same time, it is a team sport, and these are my teammates. You go through so much together, especially these guys who have been here for a chunk of time. If you can’t be happy, there’s something wrong with you.

It’s the nature of sports, you know?

Yeah, he got an opportunity, stepped up and made the most of it. That’s the deal.

Well..But Alex got Elizabeth and that is out of question!

Remember the super glamorous wedding at The Palace Hotel these two had?

Do you remember when Liz was a Raider’s cheerleader?

She is not only beauty but an understanding wife. She is always radiant. They have a son together.

Elizabeth Smith is always the center of attention but in a good way.

They got engaged in December, 2007 and were married in March, 2009.

You can visit her Twitter here.

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