February 28, 2021

Erika Marquez is Mexican Boxer Juan Manuel Marquez’s Wife!!!

Nothing but an eventful and exciting day for the whole Marquez’s fans out there and just everyone into boxing! And of course for everybody close to him, his team and specially his family; wife Erika Marquez and children as the time for what it has to be one of the most important fights is coming and quick!

erika marquez

Loving and supportive wife Erika Marquez has his husband back for sure! The Mexican couple has been married for around 16 years now! And they have two sons whose names are Aldo and Juan, and a precious little girl named Gigi.

Marquez is 39 years old and many think he won’t match up to Pacquiao’s speed in the ring and although the boxer known as “Dynamite” Juan Manuel Marquez doesn’t want his boxing career to be defined by what happens tonight when he takes on nemesis Manny Pacquiao in a welterweight bout at the MGM Grand it will be one epic fight, one that many have been waiting to watch! Could this be the last match between the two champs?! But, considering it will be the fourth meeting in the heated series between the two, giving Marquez another chance to avenge controversial results from the past contests, it’s easy to understand why several will remember his career for the showdowns with Pacquiao whether he likes it or not.

You would think like many wives in sports Erika would be right by his hubby at every match! But think again! And I actually like her words ans support her stand, she said:

“I don’t go to the fights because Juan doesn’t like to mix business and family life. I don’t think you ever get used to it. We are always thinking positively that the fight will turn out alright. I don’t go to his fights because it makes me nervous and that is the least he needs, so we support him and allow him to do his job”

That is actually a very refreshing approach, she is just not the kind to be under the spotlight and that is very respectable and proper of her, you can tell she just steps a side and dedicates the time to his children and hubby at home.

Many thought after the previous fights and because of his age it was time for him to retire and walk away but that is not really an option for “Dinamita” since he stated he is feeling good for his age and that he has a few more years to come! Wife Erika doing what she does best just stands by whatever he decides she will support him either way.

Marquez being a tough opponent is definitely a family man saying he goes on inspired only by his wife support and the faces of his children. So we can tell he really appreciates what partner Erika sticking to him all these years.

Now everyone is eager to see the end result of this fight to finally set the record straight between this two, after Marquez loosing twice and drawn once. Everything is set, opponents are weighed in, MGM Grand Garden Arena is set, fans in Vegas ready, fans in Mexico ready, fans all over ready!!! Who is your favorite to win?!!! How are you getting ready for the fight?!!! Enjoy! Don’t miss the pics with his lovely family!