February 28, 2021

Fabyola Machida is Lyoto Machida’s Wife

Fabyola Machida Picture04

Fabyola Machida is wife of the UFC fighter Lyoto Machida who is going to fight against Dan Henderson at UFC 157. Fabyola is always supporting her husband and she is seen regularly at most of his fights and trainings.

When Lyoto refused to fight  Rashad Evans during UFC 123, the last minute fight gave Lyoto barely three weeks to train, but the pressure to accep the fight was overwhelming so, Fabyola came to the rescue and released the following statement…

“He decided he would not be able to prepare in just three weeks,” Fabyola told Esporte  “It was very short notice and has a number of factors that need to be analyzed. So he decided he will not fight.”

Fabyola has two kids with the Brazilian fighter Lyoto Machida,the eldest Taiyo born in September, 2008 and her little man born late in 2010.  Mrs. Machida said also that her husband is always there for his kids and he is a family guy.

Her husband Lyoto  has given his wife Fabyola credit into becoming the MMA wrestler he is nowadays.  and Fabyola affirmed, they are longtime companions, soulmates and she has been with him throughout the good and the not so good parts of his career.

You can find Lyoto Machida, his wife and kids in Twitter.