February 26, 2021

Francois Hougaard- Reeva Steenkamp’s ex-Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

Some people  have been gossiping about what provoked Oscar Pistorius to shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp four times, some said it was her close friendship with her ex-boyfriend Rugby star Francois Hougaard.

Francois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp photos

24-year-old Francois Hougaard is according to British tabloids a good friend with Oscar Pistorius but he was also very close to Oscar’s beautiful girlfriend Reeva.

Reeva and Francois have known each other for years and even dated for a while, but  that was ages ago. Investigators have been looking at Reeva tweets to Francois and vice versa, but so far there aren’t any tweets between them that indicates there were more than friends.

Francois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp twitter picFrancois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp twitterFrancois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp twitter picturesFrancois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp twitter photos

He even tweeted Oscar a few times.

Francois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp twitter picsFrancois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp twitter picture

Francois retweeted  a message posted by Justin Divaris Oscar’s best friend whose GF Pam introduce Reeva to Oscar and Justin was the friend Oscal called right after the shooting.

Francois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp twitter photo

We very much doubt Francois had anything to do in Reeva’s tragic death, or that Oscar was jealous about their friendship, but still allow us to tell you a few thingies about this handsome mate.

Francois Hougaard Biography

Francois Hougaard Reeva Steenkamp-photo

Francois Hougaard was born in Paarl, South Africa on April 6th, 1988. Hougaard studied at Robertson Primary School before attending Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch. He weights 198 lbs. and stands at 5’10”.

Francois a scrumhalf player began his professional career with the South African Rugby Western Providence W.Providence then in 2008 he signed with  “The Bulls”.

In 2009 he made his international debut with the South Africa Rugby Union Team.

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