October 23, 2020

Garrett Celek’s girlfriend Sarah Hinton

Sarah Hinton’s boyfriend, Garrett Celek might win the Super Bowl. He is an undrafted 49ers recruit tight end from Michigan State who has played in 13 NFL games, plus two more in the playoffs.

Sarah Hinton pics

Eagles fans may think Garrett looks like Brent on the sports ground.  They might also think they run the same and think the same. But this will be revealed when he plays the most important game of his life on the following days. Even though his brother must have a longer career, more wins on his profession but it might happen that if Garret wins this game, the glory will be his.

Anyways, sports fan will be eager not only to see Garrett this weekend but his hot girlfriend, the gorgeous hooter Sarah Hinton. The rest of the team must be green of envy when they see their team mate dating this stunning blonde.

As Garret says:

We run the same way, think the same way.

Garrett Celek’s girlfriend Sarah Hinton was a contestant in the 2010 Miss Hooters contest and also in the 2012 Hooters Dream Girl Aruba contest. She began working at Hooters in Saginaw, MI, during her Freshman year at Michigan State. She has appeared in different Hooters calendars, including being the featured model on July 2011. She didn’t walk off with either of the Miss Hooters titles but the girl is a cuttie.

She loves going to MSU Spartan football sports events and would want her man to prepare for her the following food:

A nice juicy filet with asparagus and potatoes.

Sarah is a Michigan State student. Have you seen the calendars she appears on? This girl is totally hot! Her body is sculpted and she has a pretty face.

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