January 18, 2021

Haloti Ngata’s wife Christina Ngata

All the attention is being directed to The Super Bowl and this weekend’s game is breaking all fans’ nerves…Ravens Defense and Christina Ngata’s husband, Haloti Ngata’s was ranked ninth on the team, thought to be the first time in Ravens record that the most important tackler on the line ranked that low. But he did contribute five sacks and was named to his fourth straight Pro Bowl.

Christina Ngata pic

Haloti Ngata’s wife Christina Adams has known him since the two began dating while attending Highland High School in Salt Lake City. Haloti married long time girlfriend Christina in 2007, a year after entering the NFL. The pair has one child together; son Solomone “Sam” Ngata. Solomone was given his first name in tribute of Haloti’s father who died in a traffic accident when Haloti was a freshman at Oregon. His mother died less than four years later after complications from diabetes.

Christina recalls:

The lowest I’ve ever seen Haloti was when his dad died.

He wanted to give up on everything and take [care] of his mother. When his mother died, that was awful but it was more like she was at peace after all her struggles. I think Haloti learned how to handle death after his dad died.

He had to drop school when his mum died. Christina remembers this:

He made his promise to his mom that he would finish school.

I think that has always been in the back of his mind.

Haloti gave a thought on how parenthood had changed his life with Christina after experiencing a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2008:

It was just me and my wife for a long time. To have your own child, it makes you think about more than yourself. When it’s just you and your wife, you’re kind of just like selfish. You can do your own thing, do whatever you want. Having a son made me realize there are a lot of things more important than myself. It kind of carried over to the field. I’m more of a guy that tries to help the team than try to get stats for myself. It’s actually made me get more stats, playing selfless. It’s just been a great blessing.

To prove Haloti is a family man, once when Ngata had to travel to Miami, he didn’t use the journey to club-hop or blend at parties. Instead, he and Christina focused on caring for their baby son, Sam, and hanging out with family.

He said:

It was a unique experience.

But the big thing for me was being with my family.

Eating crabs with the family is one of his secret pleasures…. Chris says about this:

When he’s eating crabs, you don’t really get many words out of him.

He’s pretty serious.

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