February 26, 2021

Hanna Prater is Formula One Triple Champion Sebastian Vettel’s Girlfriend

Meet Hanna Prater now! Hanna Prater is the girlfriend of Sebastian, who has become the youngest Triple Formula One Champion, and that is not what we like the most about the 25-year-old German racer with the Red Bull Racing team but his pretty girlfriend Hanna Prater that you can read about her and her relationship with Vettel in her biography below and see some of photos of these two love birds below.


From Heppenhein, West Germany comes the handsome and kind Sebastian Vettel who joined red Bull Racing in 2009, that year he placed second but came up strong in 2010 when he won the first place in Sao Paulo, then again in 2011 and you got that right once again in 2012, a Triple Champion we have here, and her lady Hanna like always was by his side to enjoy his triumph.

Like Vettel Hanna Prater is from Germany but she is a year younger than her man she was born in 1987 to a British mother and a German father. they actually met in high school, became pretty good friends and have been dating since 2007 a year later it was rumored they broke up but the rumor was denied in an article published by the German magazine Bild adding that Hanna and Sebastian were pretty much together and living at his home in Switzerland.

Ms. Prater she might look like a model to you, but she really is a a textile and design undergraduate from Baden-Wurttemberg University at first but she had to switch universities when people began to questioned her abut Vettel’s whereabouts and other personal questions

“Yes, I have a girlfriend. But she’s not a supermodel,” Sebastian confirmed during an interview in 2010

Hanna likes to keep her life private so rather than dress all sexy for her man races like we usually see other F1 wags Hanna stays home, something Vettel appreciates.

“Never bring your girlfriend to work with you, if my girlfriend was here I would probably feel the necessity to look after her.”” Vettel famously once said.

I think the only time we saw Prater in the paddock was in 2006, they were not dating yet, sadly after that she is no where to be seen, lucky for you we have tons of Hanna and Sebastian pics

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